Twitter’s new Analytics Dashboard Provides more Details

Twitter has updated its analytics dashboard to provide more detailed information to businesses. With more information, you can see how your tweets are performing and even how your followers are interacting with them.

Who Can Use the New Analytics?

The analytics dashboard is available to businesses that have an advertising account, a verified account or that use Twitter cards. If your business has access to the previous analytics dashboard, you will be able to see the new data. You can also sign up for an account to start using the dashboard now.

What’s New?

Previously, businesses relied on basic information, like the number of retweets or favourites a tweet had, to find out how popular or successful it was. This is still a good way to get an idea of how many people are seeing your tweets and whether or not your market likes the type of information you are sharing.

But, these statistics were limiting and didn’t give businesses a very broad picture of what was happening with their accounts. That’s why the new dashboard is big news and will help businesses be more successful on Twitter.


Now, you can see how many times your tweets have been seen on the Twitter website or one of its mobile apps. “Impressions” refers to the number of times a tweet has been viewed, not necessarily the number of people who have seen it.

Twitter allows you to see the total number of impressions for each tweet, an hourly distribution, so you can see when your followers see your posts, or the number of impressions your tweets have received in a 28-day period.

Link Clicks

Now, you don’t have to rely on third-party link shorteners to see how many clicks your links get. You can choose a specific tweet on your dashboard to see how many times a link was clicked on.

Hashtag Clicks

If you use hashtags as part of your social media marketing strategy, being able to see how many times they are clicked on can help you be more effective. Click on a tweet on the dashboard to see hashtag clicks.

App Installs and Opens

Businesses that use Twitter’s app cards will now be able to see how many times their apps were installed or opened.

Tweet-Induced Follows and Profile Views

The new dashboard will also let you see how many followers you are gaining and how many times your profile is viewed due to tweets you are posting.

If you took advantage of Twitter’s CSV export tool, you’ll be happy to know that now you can export data for up to 3,200 tweets, significantly more than the previous 500-tweet limit.

The more analytical information you can gather, the more you can assess your Twitter strategy and find better ways to reach your market. Start taking advantage of the new dashboard now by taking some measurements and then tracking different values over the next several weeks.

As you start to notice changes, find ways you can improve the way you use Twitter to get better results, reverse negative trends or just see even more success.