Twitter’s Latest Updates will Benefit your Social Media and SEO Plans

Twitter’s two newest updates are great news for businesses because they could make social media marketing and search engine optimisation easier. Knowing how to use these features to their fullest potential can make your online marketing even stronger.

New Quick Promote Feature

Twitter has offered promoted tweets for some time now. These allow you to target your posts to a specific audience and reach more people, which can help you do all kinds of things from raise awareness to drive traffic to your site.

Now Twitter is launching a Quick Promote feature, which makes it even easier to promote your posts. The idea behind this feature is that promoting tweets is extremely easy, as you can do it in just a few steps right from your Twitter dashboard.

From your dashboard you can choose a tweet with high engagement and reach statistics. Then, you can choose a cost based on how many people you want to try to reach and Twitter will promote the tweet to people who are most likely to “have interests similar to your followers.”

That’s it! You don’t have to specifically target your tweet, go through several pages of options or even take a lot of time to promote a tweet with this feature. Of course, the biggest benefit of this is that using Twitter to promote your business just got a lot easier. It’s also possible for you to promote content based on how well it is already performing, so you can get better results.

Real-Time Google Search Results for Tweets

Image courtesy of ichstudios/Flickr.

This next update hasn’t been officially announced by Twitter yet, but was reported by Bloomberg. The update is said to make it possible for Google to index and then display tweets in search results in real time, meaning people will be able to find your tweets much more quickly.

Several years ago, this feature was active but disappeared after Twitter changed some policies. Then, tweets were listed in Google’s search results, but not until the search engine had a chance to find and rank them, which took time.

Now that people can find your latest tweets when they do a Google search, you have one more way to rank your content and get your Twitter account front and centre. As people search for terms related to your tweets, the tweets will be listed in search results, helping people connect with you on Twitter or find the content you are sharing through your tweets.

This is a huge benefit for businesses, especially those that use Twitter frequently. You can make sure you are using this feature to its fullest potential by staying active on Twitter and using keywords and phrases people are likely to search for in your tweets.

Both of these updates are exciting for businesses because they make it easier for followers and potential customers to find your content, interact with your account and follow through with your calls to action.