Twitter Will Now Show Promoted Accounts in Search Results

If your business uses Twitter for social media marketing, the network’s newest feature is an exciting one. Now, when users search for terms that relate to Promoted Accounts, they will appear in search results. Previously, only tweets and Twitter users appeared in search results.

For some time, Promoted Accounts have been a great way for businesses to get their tweets in front of their followers, as they appear in users’ timelines. Promoted Accounts also appear in a list called “Who to Follow,” which can help you get new followers.

But, this new feature means that your account will be even more visible to Twitter users. As your account shows up in search results, more people will find and follow you. Businesses with Promoted Accounts have been able to target specific demographics, and now, those targeting options will be taken into account as Twitter displays search results.

Promoted Accounts are an excellent way to get your account, and content, in front of your market and build your following. When people find your account through a related search, they may be more likely to follow you because they are already interested in your industry or products.

The Power of Twitter to Influence Sales

In 2013, Twitter commissioned Market Probe International to conduct a study. The research analyses responses and Twitter users from the US and UK. One of the most stunning findings of the research is that Twitter users are 72 percent more likely to make a purchase from a small or medium business that they follow on Twitter.

Some other statistics from this report that illustrate the power of Twitter include:

  • 85 percent of users felt more connected with small or medium businesses after following them on Twitter.
  • 73 percent of users said they follow small and medium businesses to get updates on future products.
  • 32 percent of users are more likely to go to a small or medium business after they see a Promoted Tweet from the business that relates to their interests or needs.

These statistics show us just how powerful Twitter can be as part of an Internet marketing plan. But, they also tell businesses how they can use Twitter more effectively.

The research shows that people follow businesses on Twitter to get updates about future products, so by sharing that kind of information you can gain and retain followers and even make more sales.

If you already use Twitter as part of your social media marketing, consider using a Promoted Account to make your business more visible on Twitter, gain more followers and get more out of Twitter.

On the other hand, if you don’t currently use Twitter, now is the perfect time to consider opening an account and using it to strategically promote your products and share your content.

Twitter is a very popular social media site that can help you promote your products, drive traffic to your website, engage with your market and build an online community that benefits your business.