Twitter Updates Its Image Search and Custom Results

A picture is worth a thousand words. And, when you only have 140 characters to use, a picture can really help get your point across. With so many users tweeting pictures, it only makes sense that Twitter has updated the way its search tool works, making it much easier to find and discover images. Twitter has also updated the way it displays personalized search results, so you can see why you might be interested in specific results.

Image Search Improvements

Image-driven social media channels like Pinterest and Instagram have become¬†extremely popular, which may also explain Twitter’s update. As a brand, you know how powerful images can be and this new update will only help you reach and inspire Twitter users. As more and more people snap photos with their smartphones and then upload them to Twitter, the way your business promotes its own and its customer’s photos will become even more important.

If you’re an avid Twitter user, you may have noticed that Twitter already displays photos in its search results. Until now, these results have been extracted from the rest of their tweets and pushed off to the side of your screen. With the search tool update, the photos will now appear in a grid format above the tweets. This means that when users search for terms relating to your industry, they will see images before they see any other results.

Another exciting update involves the way images are displayed for mobile users. If you are using Twitter on your smarthphone, the images in tweets will automatically be displayed as part of the tweet, right in the newsfeed. This makes browsing and viewing photos much easier than it was with the old process, where we had to tap on a tweet to see the attached image. In the new display, the tweet’s text will appear as the photo’s caption. Again, this makes it that much easier for you to use images in your Twitter marketing efforts.

Added Custom Results Information

Last year, Twitter began displaying search results in a more personalized way. Previously, search results were fairly random. You would be presented with a chronological list of tweets relating to your search term, and that’s about all. After last year’s update, you are now presented with tweets Twitter’s search engine believes are more relevant to you. This personalization is based on information like the people you follow, the people who follow you and other data about your Twitter social circle.

Now, thanks to last week’s update, you can see exactly why Twitter’s personalized search results are catered just for you. Now these tweets show who retweeted them or who favorited them, giving you an idea of why Twitter thought you may be interested in them.

What does this mean for your company? It means that it is even more important that you reach your target audience on Twitter. When people in your targeted market retweet or favorite your company’s tweets, their friends are also likely to see your tweets, along with a note that tells them their acquaintance liked, or even endorsed, the tweet. Friends can be highly influential, and if people see their friends interacting with your brand, they may also interact with your company, through social media or otherwise.

Twitter’s most recent updates are exciting, to say the least. The new layout and tools will make it easier for users to access information and explore new things. They will also make it easier for you to include images and leverage the power of influential people in your Twitter marketing plans.