Twitter Shakes Things up by Increasing Direct Message Character Count

Twitter has made big news by doing away with the 140 character-count limit for its direct messages. From a site that has carved its place in a busy social networking world by limiting posts to short snippets of text, this is a big change that could alter the way you use Twitter.

The announcement came in the form of a post on Twitter’s Developers Forums. Starting in July, direct messages will no longer be limited to 140 characters. Officially, there will be a 10,000 character limit, but considering what direct messages are used for, this makes the length virtually unlimited.

If you aren’t familiar with direct messages, they are private Twitter messages sent between users. They do not appear in public feeds so they are often used to share contact information or have private conversations.

New Opportunities for your Business

If you use Twitter as part of your social media marketing strategy, this update brings new opportunities for your business. Twitter is a popular social network that allows people to have conversations, connect with brands and interact with businesses, so if you aren’t using it, now is a good time to consider whether it is a good fit for your business.

Up your Customer Service Game

Twitter is a great customer service tool, as it allows your customers to reach out to you and gives you an avenue for responding directly to questions and complaints. With this update you can send longer messages, which could help you be more effective as you address issues with your customers.

Thank your Followers and Refer them Somewhere

Social media shoutouts can help you form relationships with customers and build a positive reputation for your brand. When someone mentions you on Twitter, recommends your products or sends a tweet from one of your locations or events, you have an opportunity to gain a loyal customer and brand ambassador.

You can send a public thank you by responding to the tweet or retweeting it and you can send a direct message. With the longer character count, you have more room to thank your customers and you have plenty of space to include a link and ask them to visit your website or connect with you on another social media site.

Send Special Invitations with Calls to Action

People love feeling like an insider, and sending special invitations that give Twitter followers access to special content, coupons or event registration forms is an excellent way to promote your business and develop a strong following. Longer direct messages give you plenty of room to send this kind of information, along with a call to action and a link.

With the character count increase, it will be easy to become too wordy and appear spammy. Avoid this by keeping your messages concise and do not send mass messages that aren’t targeted or relevant to your followers.

Of course, these are only a few ways you can use this new feature at your business. In the coming months, look for ways you can tie longer Twitter direct messages into your social media marketing plans.