Twitter Marketing


With over 300 million monthly active users and an expanding demographic, Twitter is an essential marketing platform for your business.

Anyone can set up a Twitter profile, upload a profile photo, fill in their bio and send out their first tweet. What’s not so simple, however, is growing your Twitter account and turning it into a tool to generate sales for your business.

That’s where we come in. Your professional social media support network! Our talented team of Social Media Executives have experience in generating proven results for our growing client base.

It takes far more than sending out the odd tweet every now and again. It’s all about engaging with your target audience and interacting with them. If you have the right social media strategy in place, you can transform your online presence, which opens up new opportunities to attract potential customers.

What makes Twitter different?

Your approach to every single social media platform should be different. For example, your Twitter marketing strategy isn’t going to mirror your strategy for Instagram or Facebook. Understanding how Twitter works and how it can drive sales for your business will shape the way you use it.

So where do we come in?

Daily Tweets

Twitter is all about posting regularly, retweeting often and not leaving anything to chance. We’ll provide you with a posting schedule for Twitter but will also monitor trending hashtags related to your industry.

Twitter Ads

Twitter has become a prime way for people to interact with brands, from contests, Twitter polls, chats and more. With so many users on Twitter, it can be easy for your message to get lost in the noise. We’ll set up targeted Twitter ads to reach the people who have the most potential to bring value to your business.


We’ll engage with your audience, comment on posts and share information. If people recognise you know what you’re talking about and are willing to give them advice for free, they are more likely to do business with you.

We have a proven track record of growing a following for our clients on all social media platforms, Twitter included. Get in touch today to develop your brand online and start generating results for your business.