How Effective is Twitter Marketing for your Business?

How effective is Twitter when it comes to marketing your business? Today, we share how Twitter can be used to increase exposure and drive sales!

Is Twitter a valuable marketing tool for your business – or is it just a place to have a natter with your friends? With over 360 million monthly active users, across various demographics, the potential of this platform is inescapable. Your customers and prospects are talking about you and your competitors on Twitter, so you need to be active to see what they are saying and adapt your strategy in response to their feedback. It’s all about effective communication. You can use Twitter to proactively promote your brand, drive sales to your website, share company news and engage with your customers in real time.

That said, an effective Twitter marketing strategy requires some key elements to ensure you see positive results. Here are our top Twitter marketing tips we have used to boost engagement:

1) Share Content

Twitter marketing is not all about promoting your own content. That can get stale after a few posts saying “work with us,” “we are the best…” In order to really grow your audience, you need to become an authority within your niche. Share content that interests your target market, including a combination of industry news, visual content, promotional links and shared posts. Monitor and track everything you post. That way, you can refine your strategy based on what is working, and what’s not.

2) Tag Influencers

You’re not going to get very far on Twitter without enlisting the help of others – specifically, influencers. Influencers are people in your industry who have a large social media following who may be interested in your content (not your competitors). You can engage with them by tagging them in posts and asking them to share your content. For example, “ @ ____ we thought you might be interested in…” You can also reach out to them with a direct message or an email asking for them to share your content.

3) Twitter Competitions

Twitter is the place for competitions, polls and sweepstakes. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage engagement and boost your following. Ask your following for their opinion on a selection of images, videos or social media assets. For example, “which photo is your favourite… cast your vote.” This message encourages debate with other users who may be interested in your business. Take things a step further and ask them to like, share and comment for a chance to win a product or service of your choice.

4) Blogger Collaboration

Twitter Marketing Post

This one is an essential Twitter strategy, as it’s great for engagement, but will also help boost your Google rankings. Post tweets, including the hashtag #bloggersrequired #bloggerswanted #prrequest or similar, with the opportunity to work in collaboration with your business. The way it works is that you will send a guest post to feature in their blog, with a follow link to your website. Not only will this increase brand awareness, but it will give your website a significant boost in the SERPs.

5) Follow Strategically

Instead of waiting around for people to find, follow and engage with you, start a conversation. Be proactive when it comes to growing your following. Look for people who are interested in your business. If you’re a wedding photographer, you may want to connect with venues, designers, jewellers etc. A share from a Twitter connection can go a long way in generating leads

What’s the benefit of Twitter advertising? The first benefit to note is that you promote content with the certainty that it will be seen by people who are interested in your business. They either have similar interests, or have visited your website previously, and have shown an interest in your business. Another major benefit is getting people ready to make a purchase. You can tailor your ad content to promote your business with a visual image, video or text that links to your website.

This sparks interest from potential customers who are encouraged to visit your website and make a purchase. Twitter ads can be refined based on results and findings. It’s all a matter of trial and error, which is great if you have the money to spend. We have the expertise to bring in conversions without you having to splash the cash. Minimum cost, maximum return is our motto.

7) Twitter Marketing Agency Expertise

Don’t have the time post tweets? Your business comes first, and social media is a nice little extra? We hear you. The benefit of hiring a Twitter marketing agency is that you don’t have to worry about finding the time. We’ll plan, post and prepare all social media activity for you – and report back with the results.

How much does Twitter marketing cost?

This will depend on your available budget. We don’t put a figure on our Twitter marketing services, as we understand that every business is different. The money you put in will equate to the time we spend working on your account. We’d be happy to discuss a Twitter strategy that brings in the highest return on investment for your business.

These are just some of the many Twitter marketing hacks out there used to boost engagement and drive sales to your website. Use each of these and you’ll be on the way to an incredibly successful Twitter strategy. For more Twitter marketing tips and tricks, follow us on social media @BigfootDigital and drop us a message.