Twitter gets a Makeover

Last December twitter announced they would be rolling out a new format for brand pages, which follows in the footsteps of the new user accounts. Behold, explanatory video.

For the bargain price of $25,000 (ouch!) your brand can get a shiny, new, content-rich Twitter page. Complete with customisable banner, a sticky tweet for a welcome message, and of course, the opportunity to advertise of Twitter; which has become an increasingly popular way for companies to communicate directly with their fans. But unless you have the new format account, and most of us don’t, you won’t be able to see these changes anyway. Doh!

Here’s a sneaky preview for you…


 So what does this mean for the future of social media marketing on Twitter?

  • Brands will now have a more unique and customizable presence on Twitter, so their users will see cohesive branding across their various social media platforms, as it more closely resembles the look of Facebook and Google+.
  • The ‘leaderboard’—the top part of the page—allows brands to display their logo more prominently. With the previous layout, brands could only use the background image and avatar to display their logo, and this would often be obscured by the twitter feed. Now it sits snugly at the top of the page, surrounded by the brand description, and all the essential information.
  • By selecting a sticky tweet, brands can keep one tweet at the top of their feed, and change this as often as they like. This could be a welcome message, a current hashtag promotion, or something more creative.
  • The new pages will also include a ‘tweet to’ option, which will encourage fans to have their say.
  • And possibly the most important of all the changes, brands will now be able to separate the @mentions from the @replies. So a brand which focuses on interaction can now choose to see @replies in their timeline.

So while the new pages may help brands to stand out on Twitter, the focus will still be on offering interesting and engaging content.


UK brands on board with the new format so far…

@CadburyUK  @EASportsFIFA  @Asda  @SkyHD  @NPRNews  @NBCNews  @HuffingtonPost  @VW  @AJEnglish  @Anobii