Twitter Adds New Lead Generation Card

Twitter’s relatively new feature, called Twitter Cards, was updated to include a Lead Generation Card. The new card will allow people to submit their email address to businesses without ever leaving Twitter.

The card adds new potential for businesses that work to generate leads for sales, newsletters, marketing emails or any other marketing goal. If your business runs lead generation campaigns, this new feature could give you one more tool that can help you leverage your social media following and reach your goals.

How the Lead Generation Card Works

If you use the new Lead Generation Card, you will be able to post tweets that include a lead form and a customized call to action button.

To see the lead generation form, users will need to expand the tweet. Then, their name, Twitter handle and email address will automatically appear in the form. To submit their information, all users need to do is click a submission button.

Twitter keeps all users’ information private and secure, and sends contents of submission forms directly to your business. The Lead Generation Card also includes a link to your privacy policy, so users can feel confident in submitting their information.

As of now, the Lead Generation Card is only available to a few businesses, but Twitter says it will be available to other businesses soon.

How You Can Use the Lead Generation Card

The most obvious way to use the Lead Generation Card is to gather leads for your products and services; however, the card could be used in more creative ways depending on your current marketing goals. Lead generation is generally considered a sales tool, but it can also be used in more general ways, like raising awareness and keeping in touch with loyal customers.

For example, if your business is launching a new product, it could use the lead generation card to gather email addresses from people who are interested in being notified when it is released. Or, you could gather email addresses from people who are interested in attending your next event. If your current customers follow you on Twitter, they may be interested in filling out lead forms to subscribe to emails about company news or discounts.

Lead Generation Through Twitter

Historically, the only way businesses could use Twitter for lead generation purposes was to tweet links to lead generation forms. Businesses had to entice users to click on the link, leave Twitter and finally, submit their information. Granted, businesses will still need to work to encourage users to expand tweets and then click on the submit button, but the process is much shorter and simpler, which will most likely make generating leads through Twitter much easier.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool, and recent updates have made it even more conducive to sales and advertising. Businesses can use the popular social media site to reach and interact with their markets, and now generating leads through Twitter is easier than ever before.