Tweets now Appear in Google Desktop Search Results

Desktop search results are now showing Tweets, keeping up to date with mobile.

In May, Google announced that Twitter posts would begin appearing in mobile search results. Since then, mobile searchers have been able to view tweets and links to content being shared on Twitter in real time. This gave them access to the newest information and connected what is happening on the social network to search results pages.

Now, Google has updated this feature so that tweets also appear in desktop search results. Users will be able to see tweets on search results pages as they are posted, so the results are incredibly fresh and updated.

Big Benefits for Online Marketers

So, how does this new feature impact your business? It brings more opportunities for brand awareness and for connecting to online users who are interested in your products, brand or industry.

More Chances to Rank in Search Results

This update gives you more chances to rank in search results, which can help you raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your Twitter account, website and other online content. It gives you another avenue for getting your content in front of your target market, which is hugely beneficial to virtually any online marketing plan.

Combined with your search engine optimisation strategy, this channel could help you dominate search results for terms that attract your target market and people who are likely interested in your business and products.

A Stronger Twitter Following and Presence

Of course, this also gives you a chance to spotlight your Twitter account, which could help you make your account stronger. As people search for relevant terms and are exposed to your account and see that you often post the kind of content they are interested in, they will be encouraged to follow you on Twitter.

Building a strong Twitter following is essential for social media marketing and can help you drive traffic to your site, enhance your content marketing strategy, make more sales and build your brand through social sharing and word of mouth.

How to Leverage this Feature

To leverage this feature, you will need to apply some SEO tactics to your Twitter strategy. The biggest way you can do this is by incorporating keywords into your tweets. As usual, avoid keyword stuffing and unnatural keywords. Remember that your tweets need to appeal to people first, and then be optimised for search engines.

Use keywords naturally and avoid letting your posts sound robotic, spammy or overly formal. Continue to appeal to your Twitter market, but keep in mind that Google is crawling and ranking your content.

However, the days of almost complete reliance on keywords are gone, and Google favours content that is relevant, valuable and professional. Apply this logic to your Twitter posts and focus on sharing the best content possible.

The fact that tweets now appear in Google’s desktop search results means that businesses have more opportunities to get in front of their markets and could get more out of their SEO and social media marketing efforts. Start leveraging this feature and track your results, so as you find out what makes your tweets rank you can perfect your strategy.