Turning a Marketing Problem into an Opportunity

Image courtesy of Master isolated/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Every business faces a unique set of marketing problems. Whether you are facing challenges relating to your market, your messaging, budgeting, choosing a marketing channel, increasing site traffic, making more sales or explaining your campaign to your manager, marketing problems can be stressful. However, turning your problems into opportunities can help you solve them and even reach new levels of success.

First, Define the Problem

Knowing you have a problem isn’t enough. When you face a marketing challenge, clearly define what it is. Write your problem as a statement that has both a cause and effect. There are two ways you can do this. First, you can write the cause of your problem and the effect as the problem. Or, if you don’t know what is causing your problem, you can write the problem and then the effect as it impacts your business.

An example of problem with a defined cause would be:

“Our brand’s image isn’t attractive to a young audience, causing us to lose a large portion of our market.”

An example of a problem with an effect as it impacts business would be:

“We are losing a large portion of our market, causing our sales to decrease.”

Recognize The Potential in Solving Your Problem

Knowing the causes and effects behind your problem can help you find solutions that will make a difference. As you begin to realize how solving your marketing problem can make a big difference in your digital marketing efforts, and by extension, your business’ attempts to reach goals, you begin to see the problem in a more positive light. To do this, brainstorm the positive outcomes of solving your problem.

Some benefits of solving a problem could be things like increased sales, new product offerings, increased brand awareness and high customer service success rates.

Find Creative, Beneficial and Permanent Solutions

When finding ways to solve your problem, avoid the temptation to create a temporary fix that won’t benefit your brand in the long run. Instead, use the challenge you are facing as a way to reassess your approach or the way you market your business. View the problem as a sign that it may be time to make some changes or add some new strategies to your plan. As you implement solutions to your problem, try to use them in ways that will do more than solve your problem, but will benefit your business as a whole. Thinking of solutions this way can also help you find more effective ways to solve problems.

When you face a marketing problem, try turning it into an opportunity instead of running the other way or letting panic lead you to quick fixes that won’t benefit your business in the long run. In reality, most problems do present some kind of opportunity; the trick is finding it and then creating ways to use the opportunity to your benefit.