What Topics Should you Use for Content Marketing?

Image courtesy of Ethan Lofton/Flickr.

Content marketing requires your business to create original blog posts, articles, videos, ebooks, reports, infographics and other types of content. One challenge many businesses face is not knowing what topics to use for their content marketing plan or even choosing the wrong topics.

It’s vital that you choose topics that will help you promote your brand while at the same time provide value to your market. With just a few steps, you can find the topics that will make your content marketing plan successful.

Write Down your Goal

First, write down what you want to accomplish with content marketing. This step is crucial because it gives you direction from the beginning and will help you make sure each of the following steps will lead to success. If you have more than one goal, list and handle each one separately so that each is addressed thoroughly.

Describe your Target Market

Now, describe who you want to read your content. Your target market should be closely related to your goal and be the audience that can help your business make more sales and grow. Define who your market is, their demographics, what they are doing, what they need, what their feelings about your business are and any other details that will help you narrow down exactly who you want to reach.

Ask Yourself what People Want

To truly be effective, your content needs to be interesting, relevant and helpful to your market. So, now that you know exactly who your market is you can brainstorm things those people want. For example, are they looking for entertainment or instruction? What subjects do they search for online? Why would they become your customer? Defining what people want will help you discover what desires you can fill with your content.

Showcase your Business

The best content marketing strategies strike a balance between providing something to a market and promoting a business. Once you have brainstormed some things your market needs, try to find ways you can meet those needs through blog posts, articles, videos and other types of content while still showcasing your business.

To do this, you will need to address needs that are related to your business. For example, if you are an electronics business and your market wants up-to-date information about new technology, you could provide information about new products and services and how they relate to what you offer.

Experiment, Track and Update

As you produce content, publish it and share it with your market, you will need to track your results very closely. Measure things like clicks, shares, views, comments and other elements so you know if your content is making an impact.

Then, analyse those results and find ways to enhance what you are doing. Experiment with different kinds of content, different topics and different calls to action to find out what works best for your market and business.

Content marketing is a process that requires constant updating. Follow these steps to get started and find some topics that can help you make your strategy effective and then be ready to make adjustments until you find the perfect content marketing plan for your business.