Top Social Networks for Brand Followings and How to Use Them

Some research from GlobalWebIndex revealed which social media networks people are more likely to use to connect with brands. While some networks may be more conducive to your business and content, this research can give you some insight into networks you should consider adding to your social media marketing plan.

The following list is arranged from highest to lowest, showing the percentage of users who use the network to follow brands.

Instagram — 53%

The research discovered that 53 percent of Instagram users use the site to connect with brands, making it the most popular site for brand following.

Use Instagram to creatively and artistically show off your products or services or give people a look into how your business operates, what happens at your events or how you make an impact in your community.

Twitter — 50%

Twitter is a close runner up to Instagram, with half its users stating that they follow brands on the site.

Twitter is ideal for sharing content, having conversations, posting live updates and hosting things like Twitter chats and giveaways. Don’t forget to leverage lists and hashtags for optimal results.

LinkedIn — 48%

LinkedIn comes in close behind at third place.

Remember that LinkedIn is primarily used by professionals, students and job seekers. Leverage this site for business-to-business marketing and to promote the business and professional side of your brand.

Pinterest — 48%

Pinterest tied with LinkedIn for third place and is a great place for brands to connect with their markets.

Pinterest is completely different from LinkedIn and is great for sharing ideas, inspiration, how-to guides and product tips. Remember that this site is also highly visual and the goal should be to post images people want to click on to visit your site.

Tumblr — 48%

Tumbler also came in third with a high percentage of users who report following brands on the site.

This network is a microblogging site and is perfect for sharing all kinds of media in one place. A Tumblr blog should not take the place of your own blog hosted on your website, but it can be a great tool for building an audience and sharing content.

YouTube — 47%

Almost half of YouTube users say they connect with brands on the site, making this a great place to meet your market.

Of course, YouTube is built for video sharing, but don’t neglect its social power; use channels, commenting and sharing to your advantage to build a captivated audience.

Reddit — 46%

With 46 percent of users connecting with brands on Reddit, you can’t afford to skip this often-overlooked social site.

Reddit is a content sharing and discovering site, and can help you make your content more visible to your market as it gains popularity and people up-vote it. You can also use Reddit for content research to identify topics and themes that would likely attract your market.

Facebook — 44%

Interestingly, Facebook came in last, with the fewest users reporting that they follow brands on the site.

Make the most of Facebook by connecting with others strategically, setting up a page that caters to your needs, using Facebook apps and advertising on the site.

While these percentages may not differ greatly from each other, this list can help businesses understand which sites people prefer to use for connecting with brands, so you can understand how to make your social media marketing plans more effective.

Focus on the sites that bring the biggest returns for your own unique brand and keep in mind that people are more likely to connect with businesses on certain sites than they are on others.