Top 3 PR Agencies in Yorkshire

There are many attributes needed to combine in order to build a successful and affective PR agency. The UK is saturated with companies and individuals claiming to be the best in the public relations arena. The ability to drive mass interest in a product or service through stories can be an art form in itself, when done right it can breed massive results for a client.

Public Relations haven’t really changed since the days of its inception, from the coining of the phrase just after World War 2 by Edward Bernays, known as the father of PR. He created some of the biggest and most successful public post-war strategies to guide consumerism and public opinion for brands and politicians, alike. Essentially PR is about the guiding of mass public perception or a specific audience to the goals of a brand. This could be anything from increasing sales, gaining a greater  share of the market, or pure development of brand identity etc…

There are some companies that stand out above and beyond the rest, especially within the UK. Even if you don’t work in Public Relations, it’s still easy for anyone to notice when a company gets it right. This piece is going to concentrate on the companies that provide the best PR services in Yorkshire. The reasoning behind choosing these particular companies is guided by a number of factors including their case studies, their ability to support the wider business community, and their recommendations.

The first company could easily be on a list of the best in England, the UK or even Europe. MK Things Happen are considered by most businesses in South Yorkshire as the industry standard, and as a benchmark for innovation and quality. They not only produce quick results for their clients, efficiently driving them towards their goals, they also have a company culture that could have only been cultivated through a genuine interest in people, providing the best services possible and continuous improvement. It’s obvious to all who visit MK’s offices in Kelham Island, Sheffield, that they genuinely care about the continued development of their employees.

MK provide a very comprehensive approach for their clients that includes a variety of services including media relations, stakeholder relations, event management, media training and copywriting. They also have preferred partners that provide other services such as design, print, photography and online marketing. With any company, any claim that they are great at what they do or are able to produce the desired results for a client needs to be substantiated.  As we say, the proof is in the pudding and from MK’s stand point they have more tasty proof than most.

To list a few, MK has won numerous Purple Apple awards, Gold for PR strategy at the International SOLAL awards, and their PR Director Ashlea McConnell was named in the 29 under 29 in PR Week. MK are also able to handle high profile public clients too. They recently organised a visit from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to the Sheffield Assay office.

Their recent campaigns include managing the media relations local and national press for Irwin Mitchell, and developing the corporate social media outreach strategy to key stakeholders for McCain.  They also created press coverage that has appeared in more than 120 print and online publications to date from as far afield as the USA and Canada; with extensive broadcast coverage spanning from BBC Radio Sheffield through to BBC Scotland and TV, including Look North and Calendar for the MeadowHall shopping centre. If you’re in need of public relations in South Yorkshire and want to hire the best then I wouldn’t think twice about recommending MK Things Happen.

Some PR agencies are able to specialise in a particular sector and then create a model that faultlessly delivers to clients within that sector. Skipton based PR firm AKA are a prime example of this and stand out in North Yorkshire as a tour de force within the furnishings sector. They have been active for over 20 years and have many long-standing clients which is testament to their ability to continually produce great results.

One very notable campaign was their work for the Sleep Council. They produced the Great British Bedtime Report which attracted an insurmountable amount of publicity for National Bed Month. Not only did they secure an exclusive with the Daily Mail, their work was also featured in The Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and The Guardian, along with many online publications including Female First, Gov Today and Patient Talk etc.

They also gained a great deal of broadcast coverage from ITV’s Daybreak and BBC Breakfast Time, along with interviews or mentions on 196 radio stations, including BBC Radio 5 Live. AKA are able to pack a powerful media punch within the furnishings industry and have stood the test of time through economic turmoil and recession making it clear they will be standing strong for many years to come.

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Sometimes it’s the size of a company that dictates their ability to produce quality results especially when handling big clients. This next company buck that trend and even though small by comparison to many, are able to produce big results.

Intandem Communications are based in York and are creating waves in the education sector. They predominantly work with clients in education, both in higher education and schools. They have an obvious in-depth understanding of the sector and have great networks within the education press. They have most notably created promotional materials for the in-house marketing team at Leeds Metropolitan University (LMU) and have written over 100 degree course fact sheets to market degrees for prospective students.

They also created a rolling PR strategy for Myscience, the UK’s leading provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for science teachers. This communicated key messages to target media, including national newspaper education correspondents, the specialist education press and regional media.

Intandem Communications also demonstrate that no matter the size of your business you always have the option to help others and become a beacon of social responsibility. They have joined forces with Build Africa’s ‘build a school’ programme to build a school for 300 enthusiastic children in Kamunthini, rural Kenya, (to donate visit illustrating a business model that many other agencies could learn from.

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