Top News of the Week: 4th August

The Olympics is off to a great start, and already Team GB is seeing so much Gold and Silver! Keep it up guys, the whole country is rooting for you! Innocent Smoothies has been particularly active on Facebook during the Olympics and cheering on Team GB in a very “Innocent” style.

If you’ve ever wondered what twitter sounds like, it turns out it doesn’t sound like chirpy birds tweeting away! In a very interesting social media stunt, British Airways has turned Olympic tweets into a a digital symphony – click here to check it out!

In other news, folowing on from the Tom Daley twitter troll fiasco, British weightlifter Zoe Smith well and truly owned her trolls via her personal blog. She writes:  “The obvious choice of slander when talking about female weightlifting is ‘how unfeminine, girls shouldn’t be strong or have muscles, this is wrong’. And maybe they’re right… in the Victorian era,” Well said! You can read the full post here.

Moving on from Olympic news, a new Facebook privacy plugin could be the solution many people are looking for to keep their images private. McAfee has launched a social privacy app which allows users to safely share photos, which will be blurred to all but the intended recipients. The plugin will be available on IE, Firefox and Chrome for PC by the end of august, with Mac, iOS and Android support coming later this year.

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And a new study by has brought a new meaning to the word “viral” when it comes to social media. Researches have used Twitter to predict when New Yorkers will catch the flu. And the most impressive part is they could predict when someone would fall ill up to eight days in advance with a 90% accuracy rate.

TechCrunch has reported on the rumour that Google+ may be on the rocks. They released the information that Google has put all acquisitions relating to Google+ on hold, suggesting that they are putting an end to the Google+ team’s resources.

Following on from the story about the New-York based start-up who dropped Facebook after alleging that 80% of their advertising clicks come from bots, Facebook has announced that around 8.7% of accounts are fake. This accounts for around 83.09 million of the 955 million.

Facebook classes fake accounts as: duplicate accounts, for example, if you have a personal and a professional account; user-misclassified, for example, if you set up a personal account for a business; and finally non-human entity accounts, so when you sign Fido and Felix up for their own accounts. Limited Run will be interested to see that Facebook doesn’t make mention of any ad-clicking bots.

And finally, The Social Media Examiner released this great article about how to use Social Media to increase your search ranking. It’s all about the Penguin update, and how you can use it to your advantage. Check out the full article here.