Why Your Top Management Should Use Social Media

The topic of whether or not CEOs and managers should be on social media comes up a lot. Some believe that Internet marketing teams should have full control over social media accounts and that allowing managers to have control over their own, personal social media accounts that are used as marketing tools can be damaging to social media strategies.

However, there are lots of excellent reasons that CEOs and managers should be involved in social media and when this strategy is done correctly, it can bring major benefits.

Another Chanel of Communication

A manager’s social media account is one more channel of communication for your business. Another channel gives you more opportunities to connect with your market, share content, deliver messaging and interact with your audience.

Of course, this channel of communication will need to be used strategically and your CEO may need some guidance and assistance running an account that will effectively reach your market.

Added Engagement

With another channel of communication comes another avenue for engagement. Giving your market, customers and potential customers another way to engage with your business can be very beneficial.

This kind of engagement is also different than the kind you can get with general business social media accounts. People may see your CEO’s account as a way to be heard by and hear from someone who is “in the know” and who has more authority than your other social media accounts.

A Bigger Presence

Your CEO’s social media account can also help you build a bigger presence on social media. Let’s face it; accounts with big names or those from people with major titles and large roles can be more attractive to followers. Your market may choose to follow your CEO’s account over your business account, or in addition to it, which gives you more visibility on social media.

Increased Awareness

As you are able to build a bigger presence with your manager’s social media account, you will also be able to increase brand awareness. As more people tune in to what your business is saying on social media through your manager’s account, your content will have a wider reach, which will increase awareness.

Increased brand awareness on social media is valuable and as you gain that awareness you will be able to use your social media accounts for bigger and better things, seeing even more results.

Stronger Trust

A 2012 survey by Brandfrog found that 82 percent of people are more likely, or even much more likely, to trust a business whose CEO and managers use social media. This is a remarkable figure and means that your business stands to reap major benefits from using CEO and management social media accounts.

Social media accounts from business leaders lend a sense of credibility and add some transparency to your business, which will enhance the relationship you have with your market. A strong, trusting relationship will lead to more sales, brand loyalty, positive referrals and many, many more benefits.

If you actively use social media marketing, consider whether using CEO and management accounts will help you be more effective. These perks are just a few of the benefits your business could realise when you use a leadership account as a strategic part of your overall Internet marketing plan.