Top Articles of the Week

I’m trying a new format today, rather than focus solely on news I’m going to mix things up and a bit and share with you some of the best how-to articles I’ve found on the web in the past week, along with some key trends to watch out for. Starting with this article, which guides you through how to find URLs following a failed site migration.

It happens to the best of us, sometimes things just don’t work out the way it was meticulously planned and your client’s site migration results in a mulititude of 401s. This whiteboard Friday video from SEOMoz will guide you through the process of locating those missing URLs.

If you’re running an online retail site, you may want to check out this article from Mashable. It’s an extensive article which takes you through the top 5 digital trends which are shaping e-commerce and the expectations of the customer. Take note: visual is key!

In this interview for Fabienne Fourquet of Canal+ discusses the social media strategy of the French premium channel and their expansion into second screen experience. Second screen is set to be huge for every industry, the reach will be wider than just TV channels and social media.

Gamification has got to be one of the ugliest newly coined phrases, yet it’s something that we all need to pay attention to when determining new social media models. This article outlines 6 ways you can Gamify your Facebook marketing strategy.

Ever wondered how to get 100,000 likes on your blog fanpage on Facebook in 1 month? This guy has shared all on Techcrunch. What’s surprising is that this article actually makes sense, it isn’t the usual success story drivel, he provides practical solutions which you can utilise on different levels depending on your budget. Well worth a read!

With summer lurking on the horizon, you might be more inclined to start thinking about event planning – be it a workshop, networking event, or company barbecue. SEOMoz shows you how you can turn your non-internet based activity into a link-building exercise. It will help you with your local SEO, and also get you links from established sources such as news sites which are otherwise difficult to attain.