Top 5 Must-See Social Media Apps

Smartphones are big news. According to research carried out last year (October 2011) by Kantar Worldwide, half of Brits now own a Smartphone device. Android is the platform of most popular choice, with RIM’s Blackberry and Apple’s iOS coming in second and third.

We’re becoming  a tech-obsessed nation, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as we’re also getting pretty good at multi-tasking. We can watch TV while playing games, we can read while listening to music, some teenagers will even claim they can send a text message while eating dinner. Why not use this to your advantage and claw back some of your precious time.

The advantage of conducting your social media campaign from a smartphone is that you’ll be posting updates when you have a free moment. If you’re tweeting on your lunch break, or replying to Facebook comments during your commute, it’s highly likely that your intended audience will be checking in at the same time. It’s a far cry from frantically scheduling your posts in the morning, and whittling through responses when you could be getting on with other work.

There are oodles of apps available to make your social media marketing efforts a breeze. So here are the top 5 Android apps for Social Media Marketing (All available in the Google Play Store) 

1. Schedule Planner – A good social media strategy is an organised one. Keep up to date with scheduled blog posts, company events, local events and more with this time saving app. You can create to-do lists for all of your social media objectives for the week and keep track of your progress. Also includes DropBox integration, so the whole team can keep an eye on the schedule.

2. Google Reader – A great resource for finding must-tweet articles. This app includes sharing options to make pushing articles and new stories to your audience even easier.

3. Google Analytics – Keep up to date with your Google analytics account and see what social media posts are driving the most traffic to your site. The app shows real-time statistics, so you can be responsive to the audiences’ actions.

4. Hootsuite – Don’t waste time visiting every single social media app, consolidate your time and effort into one app which covers Facebook and Twitter. This neat little app will also sync to your desktop version, and supports the same teams function.

5. Instagram – You know you want to! All the cool kids are doing it! Just try it, once, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it anymore. All twenty something hipster-kid joking aside, Instagram is a wonderful way to document the goings on in your company, if you avoid some of the more retro filters your images will actually turn out pretty good. Perfect for pinning and sharing!