Tips for Strengthening your Brand Online

Image courtesy of Pascal/Flickr.

A major part of Internet marketing is strengthening your brand online. You want people to recognise your content, website, blog posts and even social media accounts as part of your business. When all of your online tactics fit your brand, your marketing campaigns will be more effective.

Start with your Website

First, make sure your website is branded. Things like the colours, images, style, layout and copy should all speak to your brand and help you tell your market who you are. Make sure your website reflects your values and has the tone you want to convey to your customers.

For example, if you have a very professional, business-to-business brand, your site should be a little more formal and streamlined. On the other hand, if your business is casual and targets a laid-back public, your site could be more colourful, have a unique layout and use less formal copy.

Leverage Social Media Settings

Now, use social media settings to brand your account pages. Using things like profile pictures, cover photos and other custom options will make your social media pages look like they belong to your company. This is beneficial because it helps you own the property and helps your market associate it with your business.

Also keep in mind that the style you use when posting can help you brand your pages. The tone you use for status updates and the type of content you share will also help you solidify your brand.

Translate Traditional Marketing to Online Marketing

Look at your brand and find ways you can translate it into online marketing. When the brand you use for your stores, printed materials and traditional marketing tactics match your online tactics, your brand becomes much stronger.

Choose elements like colours, logos and styles that you can easily use on your blog posts, social media accounts and other online strategies to make your brand more complete throughout your marketing, both online and offline.

Be Consistent with your Voice

Some online marketing channels, like social media or even your blog, do require a more casual tone. These spaces are usually a little more casual and a conversational tone can help you generate some interaction.

However, don’t change your voice widely from tactic to tactic. Maintain the same voice across all your channels so that people will understand what your business is all about. People will be confused if you use very formal styles on your blog posts and then extremely casual styles on your social media posts. Instead, find a middle ground that lets you meet the needs of the platform but also allows you to maintain your own, unique brand.

Strengthening your online brand is all about finding ways you can translate your brand to online mediums. Use colours, tones, styles and other elements to make your website, blog and social media accounts part of your brand.

When all of your online content and properties are aligned and branded, you will be able to increase brand awareness and build an online voice for your business so you can reach and influence your market.