Tips for Mobile SEO and How to Make more Sales with this Strategy

Kissmetrics revealed some information from a study done by Comscore and one of the most interesting statistics it found was that 78 percent of searches from smartphones result in a purchase. This is higher than searches from laptops, with 61 percent resulting in searches and from tablets, with 64 percent resulting in searches.

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It is telling that 78 percent of searches from smartphones lead to a purchase. People use their phones while looking for products and details about them, business information, prices and other information they look for when considering buying something.

Another study, done by Google and Nielsen found that most people, 48 percent, who do research on a mobile device start out by doing a search.

The most common products that were purchased after a search fell into the automotive, home and garden and apparel and beauty categories. Fewer people do mobile research by starting with a branded website or app.

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These facts emphasise just how valuable SEO is when it comes to making more sales, finding new customers and growing your business. So how do you make sure your mobile search engine optimisation strategy is ready to turn searchers into customers?

Simple Mobile SEO Tips

Use Mobile Keywords

Remember, people doing searches on their smartphones are likely to use slightly different keywords than they would on their computers. Potential customers are also likely to use different kinds of keywords than people who aren’t interested in making a purchase.

Try to use the kinds of keywords your customers would use on their smartphones. This could include your business name, product names, phrases that describe your services and words that are used when searching for prices.

Use a Click to Call Feature

Make it so easy to contact you from a smartphone search that nothing gets in your customers’ way. On your website, use a click to call feature so all people have to do is tap on your phone number to connect with you.

Google recently unveiled a new ad feature that allows businesses to track phone calls that result in their paid search ads. Using this is another great way to enhance your mobile SEO campaign.

Think Local

If you sell products at brick-and-mortar locations, local SEO techniques can be especially valuable. Consider using keywords that include your location and using search ads that are geographically targeted.

Prepare your Site

Mobile optimisation can only go so far. If you really want to bring in potential customers through their smartphones, you need to make sure your site has a responsive design that makes it easy to use on small screens and while on the go.

The layout, amount of text, navigation and other elements of your mobile website need to be conducive to a smartphone so site visitors can browse your products, find what they are looking for and make a purchase.

There are lots of studies out there that show just how influential mobile search is when it comes to making more sales. To take advantage of this, don’t ignore mobile SEO and make sure your website is easy to use on a smartphone.