Tips for Getting Site Visitors to Keep Coming Back for More

Getting people to your website is an essential part of internet marketing, but it’s only part of the equation. In most cases, you need people to keep coming back to your site so they will buy more products, engage with your business and even become brand advocates.

Returning site visitors may be more likely to respond to your calls to action because this isn’t the first interaction they have had with your business. Working to get people to come back to your site again and again should be part of your overall marketing plan, and these tips can help you do it.

Update your Site Regularly

If your site never changes, people don’t have much of a reason to keep coming back. Plan ways you can update your site on a regular basis with blog posts, new resources, press releases, videos or any other kind of content that would be appealing to your market.

You can use this content to support your overall marketing plan by making sure it includes the right calls to action and will help you meet your goals.

Fill it with Valuable Resources

Use the content you continually add to your site to transform it into a valuable resource people will want to keep revisiting. There are lots of ways you could accomplish this, but to make it work it needs to be valuable to the people you are targeting. Remember, these kinds of resources could simply help you drive traffic to your site, where you can then convert visitors into customers.

Provide Special Perks

You can also use your website to offer special perks to incentivise people to visit it. Give them one more reason to visit your site by posting coupons, giveaways or freebies. You will need to promote these perks through other forms of marketing, like social media marketing or email marketing, but the incentive to visit your site can be enough to encourage people to come back regularly.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing lets you remind people your site is there and full of value. Build an email list and then create a strategic email marketing plan that includes tactics for sending traffic to your site. Promoting special perks and valuable resources is a great way to get people to click from your email to your website.

You can even segment your email lists into different groups, like current and potential customers or even according to the kinds of products people buy. This way, you can make sure your email content and calls to action are appealing to the people you are emailing.

Leverage Social Media

Social media posts can also remind people of what your site has to offer. Make sure your social media marketing plan includes ways to encourage people to visit your website. Doing things like posting links to content, promoting special offers and highlighting products can help you use your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media accounts to encourage repeat visits to your site.

When people keep coming back to your site for more, you have more opportunities to sell your products, entice people to share your content on social media and get people to interact with your brand and follow through with your calls to action, which can bring big benefits to your business.