Tips for Managing Guest Bloggers

If you already run an active blog, finding guest bloggers can be a great way to diversify your content, offer new perspectives to your readers, and also extend your reach. Not to mention the benefits to your Search Engine Optimisation efforts, as you’ll establish links with other reputable blogs and be publishing more great content.

Finding potential bloggers, reaching out, sourcing submissions, editing, and publicising¬†their¬†work may seem like a lot of work, but it needn’t be. Follow these simple guidelines for finding and managing guest bloggers, and the whole process will be a breeze.

1. You’ll need to build strong relationships with other bloggers in your field; those who were once the competition must now be your allies. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting links from (and to) reputable sources. The alternative is to….

2. Advertise for submissions on your blog. This will attract those already reading your blog, and those who are seeking guest blogging opportunities. Remember that guest blogging is about quality, not quantity, so make sure you check out submissions and the author’s blog, as you don’t want to be linking to a site that could damage your SEO efforts. This method may require more editing and management than the first method.

3. Be very clear about your requirements from the start. Don’t be wishy washy with your submission guidelines, trust me, writers prefer specific instructions if it means less revisions. Decide what kind of posts you want, and how you want them to be presented, but don’t forget to…

4. Reserve your right to edit. Yes, it’s their work, but it’s also your bog, so you need to make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors before you post as this would reflect badly on your editorial skills. Changing anything more than this is a touchy subject, as you’ll then be tampering with their style and intentions as a writer. It’s best to request changes than to edit too much.

5. Give credit. Most guest bloggers will be making use of Author Rank and will want a full writing credit and a link back to their blog. In exchange for this you’ll get traffic from their blog, and more reputable links.