Tips for Making your Social Media Audience more Valuable

The more valuable your social media audience is, the more useful it becomes in helping you meet your marketing goals.

You can grow a massive Facebook or Instagram following, but if your audience doesn’t respond to your calls to action or interact with your business, you are missing out on big social media marketing opportunities.

Making your audience more valuable will benefit your overall efforts and make your online marketing and branding more effective.

Attract your Target Market

If you want to see results, your social media audience needs to be made up of people who are part of your target market. These are the people who will buy your products, attend your events and support your business.

To attract the right market, you need to know what makes people tick. What kind of content are they interested in? Why would they want to connect with you on social media? What needs can you fill for these people?

As you decide who should be in your audience, it will become more clear what kinds of content you need to use, what style you should adopt and what influential social media users you can connect with to attract the right people.

Give People a Reason to Come Back

Valuable social media audiences come back for more. They continually rely on your posts and return to your social media pages multiple times. These people are more likely to buy your products and respond to your calls to action. They are also more likely to become brand ambassadors and share your social media posts and refer their friends to you.

To make this happen you need to give people a reason to come back. Whether you provide excellent value through your posts, update your social media pages with event information, offer special deals and coupons on your pages or use apps and interactive media, make your pages interesting enough that people want to come back.

Provide Opportunities to be Heard

Customer and market feedback is extremely valuable. By listening to your social media audience, you can find out what needs you can meet. You can find out why people follow you and what you need to do to make your audience more valuable.

People love giving their opinion, and when they feel like they are being heard they will be more likely to leave comments and interact with you on social media. Start creating this kind of environment by asking for opinions through social media posts or by sharing surveys and polls.

Then, make it clear that you listened by responding to comments on your social media page and even sharing survey results and what you will do in response to the feedback. This strategy makes your social media audience more valuable, as it transforms it into a resource for market research that can give you deep insight into your market and how you can more effectively reach people.

Taking the time to make your social media audience more valuable will make your social media marketing more powerful and benefit your online branding efforts.