How to Get Creative on Instagram so You’ll have more Success

There’s no question that to be successful on Instagram you need to be creative. The site is almost purely a visual social media site, where 150 million active users post 55 million photos a day.

Whether you have been using Instagram for some time and are looking for ways to change your strategy or you are just starting out with the site, these tips can help you get creative and bring marketing results for your brand.

Don’t Overly Self Promote

This piece of advice can apply to all social media accounts, but it’s especially important on Instagram. Instagram users appreciate artistic images and fun pictures that give them a glance into someone’s personality. As you post photos to Instagram, try to balance the number of promotional, branded images with the number of miscellaneous, fun photos.

Offer a Look Behind the Scenes

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the pervious one. Giving people a look behind the scenes makes it easier to give your account personality and let your market see aspects of your business they wouldn’t otherwise get to see, which can create interest and brand loyalty.

Some easy ways to give people a behind-the-scenes look include posting photos of your employees, backstage photos from events, images that capture processes and sneak peeks of new products.

Use Hashtags to Participate and Be Heard

Instagram uses hashtags, much like Twitter does. You can use these to find your market and participate in larger conversations. Look for hashtags about current events, industry trends and just fun topics that your audience is likely to be interested in.

You can also use hashtags to make it easier to be heard. There’s a lot going on on Instagram, and when you use hashtags you make your brand more findable and visible. For example, if you use a hashtag for a popular industry event, people following along with that hashtag will see your post and could start following you if your account provides interesting, relevant content.

Share Unique Images Your Market Can’t Find Anywhere Else

It’s easy to share promotional images of your products or business that your market sees everywhere else: in magazines, brochures, your website, blog posts and your other marketing materials. Make Instagram different by using more artistic or casual photos that your market doesn’t get to see anywhere else.

These kinds of images are usually more interesting and can actually help you get a bigger following. Instagram users appreciate creativity and when your brand can deliver that, more people will follow you.

Provide Value with Videos

Take advantage of the ability to post 15-second videos to Instagram and use them provide value to your followers. Sure, a fun video once in a while is a great way to be personable on Instagram, but look for ways to make more helpful videos. For example, you could show off how to use a new product, include a short message from your CEO or show your services in action.

Instagram is a creative, visual network that makes it possible for you to connect with your market in new ways and share different kinds of content. Use these tips to make your account more creative, get more followers and raise brand awareness.