Tips for Conquering the 3 Main Barriers to Successful Email Marketing

Search Engine Journal published an infographic from Market Domination Media that outlines three things recipients do with unwanted marketing emails:

+ 68% delete them
+ 58% unsubscribe from the list
+ 49% mark them as spam

All three of these barriers can hinder your email marketing campaign and make it difficult to reach your market. When people disregard or negatively respond to your messages, you don’t have a chance to get your content in front of them and encourage them to take action. But, there are ways you can overcome these barriers so your email marketing will be effective.

Deleted Emails

There are two main scenarios that lead to deleted emails: a boring subject line and an ineffective message. Make sure your subject line is interesting, promises a benefit and appeals to your recipients. Use catchy phrases, unique terms and subject lines that make readers want to open your messages for the rest of the story.

Then, make sure the content of your email is relevant to the audience and delivers on the subject line. Provide the value you promised, only send emails when you have something meaningful to say and use a design that is professional and easy to read and respond to.

High Unsubscribe Rates

Conquer high unsubscribe rates by making sure your content is highly targeted to the people on your list. The content should be attractive and helpful to the people you are sending it to so they will actually enjoy getting your emails.

One way to make sure your emails are getting to the right people is to provide multiple subscriptions and use different email campaigns. For example, you could let people subscribe to lists according to what products they are interested in or use different campaigns for people who have purchased something from you and people who subscribe through your blog. This allows you to send very targeted content to different markets, so you can ensure each message will appeal to its recipients.

Making your emails valuable by providing helpful content, offering perks people can’t get anywhere else and knowing your audience will help you decrease your unsubscribe rates so you can build effective email lists.

Emails Marked as Spam

Businesses usually find their emails getting marked as spam when they send irrelevant content or email subscribers too frequently. A good remedy to deleted emails and high unsubscribe rates is to make sure your content is valuable to subscribers, and the same holds true here. Start by making sure your emails contain information people want to get in their inbox.

It’s also very important that you find the right frequency for your email marketing messages. There isn’t a magic number that tells you how often to email subscribers, so you will have to experiment with your market and unique campaigns to find what works best.

Avoid sending emails too often and overwhelming or annoying your subscribers. Find a frequency that allows you to stay in touch with your market and provide the desired value while still respecting your subscribers.

Perfecting your email marketing strategy and campaigns will help you use this marketing tool effectively. Effective email marketing can help you raise brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, increase sales and attain other business and marketing objectives.