Tips for Easier Social Media Management

Social media management takes time, dedication and strategy if you want to do it the right way. It is not something you can just set up and then walk away from; it requires constant dedication and management.

While you will always need to be involved in social media to a high degree, there are some things you can do to make it easier and more efficient.

Create a Strategy

First, have a strategy. Know what social media sites you want to focus on and what kinds of information you want to share through them. Decide what kinds of accounts you want to interact with, how you want to build a following and what messages you want to use on social media.

The strategy should define the market you are trying to reach and what you want your accounts to accomplish. When you have this kind of strategic plan, you have a starting point and your accounts will bring results.

Use a Social Media Calendar and Plan Ahead

Once you have established a strategy, you can put together a social media calendar that will put that plan into action. With a calendar, you won’t sit down every day and wonder what to do on social media and all of your posts and actions will support your main goal.

Your calendar can include things like frequency of postings, specific links to share, products or events to promote and the messages you want to convey each week or month. The calendar you use should be very specific to your business and help you reach your goals.

Schedule it In

Set aside some time every day when you can focus on social media. This ensures that it will get done, but also keeps it from taking over and becoming distracting. The amount of time you will need will depend on how many accounts you are using, how often you check in and what you want to accomplish.

The idea is to schedule some time that is strictly “social media time” that you can use to follow through with your strategy, post to your accounts, find content to share and interact with other social media users. Remember, interaction is important too; social media isn’t just about posting your own content and only promoting your business.

Use Automation Tools Carefully

Many businesses use automation tools that let them schedule social media posts in advance. These can be extremely useful but you should use them carefully. Social media automation can’t replace human interaction and your actual online presence. The most successful social media accounts are monitored and updated according to current events and trends and interact with followers and other accounts.

Use automation tools to schedule posts for when you know you will be out of the office, after hours posting or to supplement your real-time posting. These approaches can make your job a little easier and can even help you save time.

Managing social media accounts well and getting results takes time and dedication. But, when you have a strategy, plan ahead and schedule time to promote your business through social media, the process can be streamlined and more effective.