Tips for Choosing the Right Pictures for Your Content Marketing

Image courtesy of Zuhair A. Al-Traifi/Flickr.

Blog posts, articles, how-to guides, videos, ebooks and all kinds of online content require you to use photos. Pictures can help you convey your message, attract your market and take your content marketing to the next level. But, only if you choose the right ones.

Choosing the pictures that will bring results should be a part of your content creation or content marketing process. Here are a few tips for choosing powerful pictures that will resonate with your market.

Action vs. Still Shots

First, decide if an action or still shot is best for your piece of content. There isn’t a concrete rule that defines when to use what kind of image. It’s up to you to decide what is best for your goals.

Action shots can help you bring movement, interest and excitement to a piece. They can also help you show your products in action or people who are satisfied with your services. When you use interesting images, still shots can help you complement your idea or story without distracting from the rest of the content.

Use Interesting Angles and Artistic Images

Whether you choose an action or still shot, choose one that has interesting angles and is artistic. Stay away from boring, bland images that don’t really do anything for your content.

Instead, go with pictures that use interesting angles, colours, lighting and even subjects to add some interest or clarification to your content. When you choose great images, they can actually become a vital part of your content and not just an afterthought that helps you fill some extra space.

Complement Your Message

As you choose interesting images, look for ones that can complement your message. Choose pictures that help you drive your point home and communicate with your reader. To do this, think about who your audience is and what kind of image would capture interest.

Of course, your pictures need to be related to your content, but if you take the next step, they can also help you get more out of your content. Graphics and images can help you educate your market or explain a complicated idea. Fun, informal pictures bring an element of casualness while formal pictures are great for business to business content.

Find Images that Convey Your Brand

Finally, keep in mind that your images should help you convey your brand. You do need to choose pictures that match the content, its goals and tone and the audience you are targeting, but they still need to fit in with your brand.

Things like level of professionalism, colours, cropping and style can all make an image fit in with your brand. As you use branded images, you will be branding the entire piece of content.

When your audience can instantly recognise your content as something that comes from your business, or that fits in with your other pieces, you will raise brand awareness and start to form a trusting relationship with your market.

Pictures are an important part of any kind of content and your overall content marketing strategy. When you use these tips to choose the right ones for your goals, you will find your content appeals to your market and is even more effective.