Tiny Tweaks to Refresh your Social Media Posts

Sometimes even the smallest changes can make a big difference and help you refresh your social media campaigns. If you have found that you are stuck doing things the same way over and over again, your audience is losing interest, engagement is waning and your social media accounts just aren’t bringing the results you want, it might be time to try something new.

Change your Content Titles

If your titles aren’t catchy or just don’t interest your market, the content you share on social media might not see very much action. Some sites, like Facebook and YouTube, put an emphasis on titles, so using them to attract an audience is helpful.

You can also make sure your titles include terms people are searching for on sites like YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest, where people may be searching for the things you are sharing.

Directly ask for a Response

When was the last time you used social media to start a two-way conversation? If you are always putting content out there and sharing your ideas, but rarely asking for input, you might try making this change.

Asking people for their opinion, to share a status or piece of content or to fill in the blank for a simple phrase gets people interacting, which can help bring your social media accounts back to life.

Share more Pictures

Images stand out and get attention, especially on sites like Twitter and Facebook where there’s a lot of noise and you are competing for your market’s attention. If you don’t share images very often, start experimenting with them to see if you get more results.

Don’t hesitate to get creative with your images, sharing unique pictures, images of your products in action or photos with words and captions that will resonate with your market.

Tag another Major Account

Tagging other social media accounts can help you start conversations, get attention and even tap into new audiences. When you do this, chances are the other person will acknowledge your tag and maybe even retweet or share the post with his followers, helping you widen your reach.

You can do this when the content you are sharing comes from someone else, would be of interest to a particular account’s fan base or when you collaborate with another business or organisation. For example, if you teamed up with another business to sponsor a community event, mention and tag that other business and the community event.

Shower Fans in Individual Attention

But, you don’t have to stop at tagging major accounts. You can also tag or respond directly to people on social media to answer questions, give a shoutout to loyal fans or even offer a level of customer service. Start by watching your accounts and responding when people reach out to you, then branch out and monitor social media for mentions of you or your products or even related topics that you can comment on.

Individual attention adds personality to your account and can also build customer loyalty, as people will appreciate that you are listening and might even share your responses with their followers.

Sometimes tiny tweaks to your social media accounts can be all it takes to refresh them and increase engagement, get more clicks and solidify your online brand.