Three Reasons to Use a Press Release and Three Reasons not To

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Press releases are a popular tactic that many businesses use as part of their digital marketing campaigns. Depending on how they are created and used, good press releases can strengthen digital marketing, search engine optimisation and public relations strategies. But, do you know when to use a press release?

Don’t let the popularity of this tactic influence you to use it when it won’t be very useful and when it could actually bring negative consequence. Knowing when to, and when not to, use a press release can help you enhance your online marketing.

When to Use a Press Release

Originally, press releases were used to pitch stories to media outlets, like television stations and newspapers, as a way for businesses to get coverage. Now, press releases are used digitally for many reasons, although this original reason is still the basis of a good press release.

Announcing Something Newsworthy

The best way to use a press release is still to announce a piece of news. All good press releases should include newsworthy content, but can provide added benefits like building links and driving traffic.

Raising Awareness about an Event or Cause

Press releases can help you get coverage from media outlets and major blogs and websites so you can raise awareness about an event your company is hosting or a cause it is promoting. Most events or programs that the public needs to know about can be promoted successfully through press releases, although you should still use other marketing channels.

Building Quality Links

When your press release is published by a news outlet or major blog, or if it publishes links back to your business when covering your story, you have an excellent opportunity to build quality links. While this shouldn’t be the main purpose of using a press release, it is an added perk you should take advantage of.

When Not to Use a Press Release

When you use press releases for the wrong reasons, your business won’t benefit and you could be wasting time and resources that could be used in more effective ways.

Sharing Basic Information

Basic information, that isn’t newsworthy, shouldn’t be shared in a press release. Instead, use a blog post, marketing email or even social media post to inform your market. Information that isn’t newsworthy won’t get much online coverage, so it is best not to waste your time creating and submitting a press release for something like this.

Acting as a Major Part of an SEO Campaign

Press releases should not make up the major part of your SEO campaign. Getting links through press releases is an added benefit that you should keep in mind and include in your SEO strategies, but your plans shouldn’t rely on press releases. Strong SEO strategies use many different tactics to gain rankings.

Submitting to Link Farms

If you are writing keyword-heavy press releases and submitting them to link farms for the sole purpose of building links, you will not be successful. Search engines penalise this kind of activity and algorithms are constantly being updated to discourage these kinds of strategies.

When used correctly and strategically, press releases can help you promote your business, reach your market and even increase your search rankings. Start seeing the benefits of press releases at your business by using them to announce news, raise awareness and build quality links.