This App Will Change The Way You Tweet

Maintaining a presence on Twitter can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Step away from the conversation for just a moment, and it might feel like you’ve lost a week in Twitter-Years. You can’t spend every waking moment staring at your feed, ready to respond to everything and anything that comes your way; because you’re already fully occupied trying to find useful and engaging content to share with your followers.

So what if I told you there’s an Google chrome app out there that is going to blow your social media world apart, and revolutionise the way you tweet, while saving you time and energy? I would normally advocate that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but in this case I wouldn’t say that I’m exaggerating in the least.

BufferApp is a Chrome App which allows you to schedule tweets like never before. The premise is simple; you keep a ‘buffer’ of tweets topped up and ready to go, and BufferApp takes care of timing and sending out these tweets. You can pull content from anywhere, and once the app is installed you’ll get a handy little browser icon to assist you in your content sourcing.

It’s Oh-So Simple

  • You can select the URL shortening service you want to use, and it’s fully integrated with, so you can still have your analytics.
  • You then select which days you want to tweet, and then set up “buffering patterns”.
  • Paid users can add additional buffering patterns to schedule less tweets for particular days. You could even have each day of the week entirely unique.
  • Next up, you fill up your buffer. Simply find an article, click the buffer icon, and it will compose the tweet for you, including shortening the URL.
  • Free users can add up to 10 tweets at a time, which is probably just enough for 2 days worth of tweeting. You can add more tweets by referring new users – You’ll get one extra tweet per sign-up.
  • The analytics are simple but useful, they’ll tell you retweets, mentions, clicks, potential audience and favourites.

Why is this so exciting?

Team this up with a site like crowdbooster, and you’ve got an instant Twitter strategy with very little work. You’ll also save time and effort on scheduling tweets, which will free up time to interact directly with your audience.