Things you may have missed this week…

The big news this week came when Facebook dipped into its Piggy Bank to come up with the $1 billion to pay for Instagram, the super-trendy photography app. And this news came only days after the app was released on the Android marketplace; in a short time, the App went from being exclusive to common, much to the dismay of its original users.

Google+ had a makeover, and quickly became a trending topic as users discussed the abundance of white space and possible uses for it. We’ll have to wait and see what Google has planned for this particular gap.

Mashable reported that Pinterest’s exponential growth may have finally started to slow down; but Pinterest doesn’t have much to worry about, as they’re currently the third biggest social network in the US after Facebook and Twitter. Not a bad place to be!

You’ve heard of influencer marketing right? (More on that next week) What if you were able to fake your influential status? This stunt in a mall in the US demonstrated just how easy that is; with a litte help from his friends this guy was able to convince people he was famous. Within 10 minutes they had a security escort, and were soon closing down popular stores so they could shop in peace.

Think Google is untouchable? Think again – their stock was trading much lower than average yesterday prompting many to ask if this is the beginning of the end for the search giant.

Microsoft has announced that Bing Search API will no longer be available to developers for free, with the starting price being pitched at around $40 per month.

Pinterest: it’s not just for wedding planners. The virtual pin board has been used to host a competition which aims to highlight the danger of driving in heels. Users are invited to submit photos of the silliest heels they’ve ever driven in; the winner will receive a sensible pair of flats.