The Unique Power of Pictures in your Content

beachpostcardAs you develop content for your website, blog or content marketing strategy, how often do you pay special attention to the images you use? Pictures have a unique power and can help you take your content to the next level. They can even stand alone, as images with captions or infographics, for example, to support your content marketing and branding efforts.

Give your Audience a Break

If your audience spends time online, it is probably overwhelmed with content. We are inundated with content when we use social media, blogs, websites and even email. Give your audience a break by using images as part of your content marketing strategy. An infographic, photo with inspirational text or meme can be taken in quickly without much effort or time invested on the part of your reader.

Make your Content Memorable

People who are inherently visual learners may remember your images more than they do your text. For example, they may remember a funny picture you included in your blog post, which will remind them of what your post was about. Or, sharing detailed information through an infographic instead of a lengthy blog post may make it more memorable. Add images to make your content stand out in peoples’ minds so your messaging will make an impression.

Tell a Story Quickly and Clearly

According to Quick Sprout, our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than they do text. What’s more is that 90 percent of the information sent to our brains is visual. Images can help you tell a story, while invoking emotion, quickly and clearly. They can help you get your point across in a matter of seconds and illustrate in-depth topics or make detailed information easier to process.

Build your Brand

Images are a huge part of branding. They help markets identify your business and tie your content to your name, helping you build awareness and a positive reputation. Use images that reflect your brand to help solidify your online presence. You may even opt to brand all the images in one piece, like your blog or an ebook, by adding uniform captions or a custom frame to each picture.

Draw Readers In and Get Shares

Images can capture interest and draw readers in so they will read your blog post, email marketing message or any other piece of content. Use unique images, funny pictures, or pictures that show your brand’s personality for best results.

Quick Sprout also found that 50 percent of internet users have re-posted a photo or video online. So, using great pictures can also help you spread your content with the help of your readers and social media followers.

Increase Readability

Breaking up copy heavy pieces with pictures can increase the piece’s readability. Pictures will make the content easier to scan for specific information, make it easier to read long pieces in smaller sections and make content appear less overwhelming and more approachable.

Using images as part of your content marketing is essential to making tactics look branded and professional. But, they will also make your content more functional so you’ll see better marketing results.