The Technology For Marketing & Advertising Conference

Earl’s Court 2

Tuesday 28th February 2012

This week this famous historic sporting venue was home to an event which was more energetic than a team of professional athletes, bounding up and down the court. This event is the largest meeting of advertising and marketing minds in the UK that runs over a period of 2 days. With sessions from Google, EBay Advertising, Yahoo and Microsoft and with hundreds of businesses exhibiting; the team at Bigfoot Digital just had to be there!

As soon as we placed our big feet through the door at Earls Courts we threw ourselves in to a talk given by Tim Grice, Head of Search at Branded 3 Search Ltd. He spoke about how businesses use social media to improve SEO which provided us with great food for though. After a quick coffee break we found ourselves taking on the coloured carpets of the Expo, each colour belonging to a different classification of stands.  It was great to meet and chat with so many different companies and “Where great minds come together” was the perfect way to describe the TFM2012’s

After networking our way down the coloured carpets, we found ourselves in one of the longest queues of the day, which was for one of the busiest seminars given by Chris Hackney the VP of Client Services at Vitrue; he spoke about the social media trends to watch out for in 2012 which was well worth the wait! Chris raised some interesting points about the way Facebook has changed over the years, and how it’s going to progress in time to come.

Facebook now has the power to tell others where we are, who we’re with, what we’re listening to. What games we’re playing and even what we’re reading. It’s no longer a ‘news feed’ but a catalogued feed of our lives.

“All your stories, all your life. No story is too big or too small to share”

-Zuckerburg September  22nd  2011

We came away feeling excited about what the future of social networking has in store for us, but also making it hard to predict past the next 6 months.

Overall, Visitors can gain valuable information on how to gain bigger and better results, as well as creating successful campaigns. The Technology For Marketing and Advertising Exhibition is an exceptional opportunity to learn about the new trends in advertising and marketing in this economic period, and can develop new business contacts in this booming industry!

…..Today it’s back to business at the Bigfoot office!