The Rise of Mobile Live Stream Video — Is it for You?

Two mobile apps, Periscope and Meerkat, have become increasingly popular over the past several months, contributing to a rise in the popularity of mobile live streaming video. With other technology, including Skype, Google Hangouts and YouTube, live video has become an integral part of online marketing for many businesses.

However, these apps make it easier to stream from a mobile device, offering a new approach for your video strategy. But is mobile live streaming a good option for you? Here’s what you need to know.

Periscope and Meerkat Bring Mobile Options

Both of these mobile apps are essentially tools for streaming video through a Twitter account, which can then be watched via that app or on a web page. There is a social aspect to these apps, as users can comment on and discuss the videos that are posted.

In essence, the apps are great tools to quickly live stream videos. They aren’t a replacement for sites like YouTube or for your promotional videos, but they are a great option that could have a place in your social media marketing plan.

Mobile Live Streaming Might be for You If…

So, should you jump in and start using mobile live streaming as part of your online promotional plans? There are lots of creative ways you can use live streaming, and this approach might be for you if:

You Host Events

Make it easy for people across town or around the world to participate in your events by live streaming video from them. Live stream anything from performances and speakers to glimpses of guest participation to publicise your events and connect with people who aren’t able to attend.

You Publicise Product Launches

If part of your marketing plan involves publicising product launches, whether at a large event or not, you can use mobile live streaming as part of your strategy. Of course, product launch events lend themselves to live streams but you could also do a smaller launch, even just at your business, and use video to generate excitement and reveal a new product or service.

You Work on Site

Take advantage of being able to live stream from your mobile device by sharing videos of your employees working on site. These could highlight things like installations, product results, testimonials from customers in your stores, participation at industry conferences and anything else that you do on the go that would interest your market.

Your Products Shine through Demonstrations

Mobile streaming is ideal for product demonstrations and if your products are interesting to watch in action, consider this option. These videos could be part of a product launch or could stand alone as promotional or how-to pieces.

You can Answer Questions on the Fly

Some video streaming platforms, like Periscope, let the user see comments on his video as it is streaming. This gives you a chance to answer questions or respond to feedback from your viewers on the fly. If hosting quick tutorials or question and answer sessions is something your brand could benefit from, this could be a great avenue for publishing them.

Mobile live stream videos could add a lot to your online and social media marketing plans, especially if these situations describe your business. But, these aren’t the only ways to use mobile video, so find ways to stand out using this tactic to promote what makes your business unique.