The Right Way to Use Social Media to Market Your Event

Social media’s ability to engage masses of people and to send short messages can be a very powerful way to market your event. In fact, when you use social media the right way, it can help you advertise your event, engage attendees and even include followers who weren’t able to attend.

To take full advantage of any social media event marketing tactics, you’ll need to have a strong online presence and following. Before you even begin marketing your event, your social media efforts should be geared toward making your profile and pages useful marketing tools.

Choose the Right Channels

Just as you strategically choose which social media channels to use for your digital marketing campaigns, you need to carefully choose which ones you’ll use in conjunction with your event. Think about which channels potential attendees use and which lend themselves to the type of event you are hosting.

Mold Social Media to Your Event

Each social media site has it’s own features: “likes,” events, photos, videos, hashtags, groups and more. Find ways you can use these feature for your event. One common example of this is to use a hashtag to create a Twitter hub about your event. Another example would be to use Instagram photos or YouTube videos to show off event set up, venue preparation and the event itself.

Involve Attendees

Social media marketing doesn’t have to stop when your event starts. In fact, it should continue as a way to bring attendees together and market your brand. Post announcements, pictures and general information that would be useful to attendees. This interaction will bring your audience together and continue your brand’s online buzz throughout the event.

Involve Members of Your Market Who Aren’t in Attendance

Remember that there is likely a portion of your market who won’t be able to attend your event but are still very interested in it. You can keep this part of your market informed and engaged by reaching out to them through social media. Help them feel part of the excitement by sharing pictures from the event and speaking points from keynote presenters.

This strategy doesn’t just benefit your market, it benefits your company as you create useful content, stay active on social media and encourage potential customers to find a way to be involved. This strategy can be incredibly useful with an annual event.

Social media can be a great way to promote your event and if used correctly, it can be used to engage attendees, drawing them together, and include a bigger portion of your market to draw in potential customers.