The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO Explained

Some experts claim social media has no effect on search engine rankings while others claim it is a vital part of any search engine optimisation campaign. So what is the real relationship between these two digital marketing tools? The answer is that social media can be a useful SEO tactic, but not in the traditional ways you may be expecting.

Social Media Buzz = More Traffic = Higher Rankings

If you can create a buzz on social media, using your content and the pages on your website, you will increase your rankings. While not all links on social media sites are do-follow links, they can help by driving traffic to your site. When your site is popular, and gains traffic, its rankings will increase.

Link to interesting or even controversial blog posts on your site from your social media channels. Encourage people to click the links and to share your posts, generating even more clicks. Attractive content is more likely to be shared by your readers, so the more link bait you can create the better. There is also some evidence that lots of shares, retweets and reposts on social media can increase rankings.

Google’s Social Search = Influential Friends and Higher Rankings

When someone searches for something using Google, any results linked to his or her social media friends will appear as results, sometimes at the top of the page. For this to happen, a user has to be logged into Google, so not everyone in your target market will be affected by this.

Knowing that a person’s friends, and what they share online, can influence your site’s rankings makes social media that much more important. As your brand has more content that is shared by its market, the more likely it will be that your site will appear in social search results. Remember that friends can be highly influential and if a person sees that his or her friends have interacted with your brand on social media, he or she may be moor likely to click on your site’s listing.

Business Social Media Sites = Higher Rankings

The social media accounts you set up for your business can do more than help with marketing and social media efforts. They can help you get higher search rankings. If your social media pages have the same name as your business it’s not uncommon for those pages to receive high rankings.

Big Foot Digital’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts have high rankings.

Social media sites carry a lot of authority, or weight, with search engines which often give them high rankings. Set up some social media accounts using your business name, and use them frequently, and you may notice some of those accounts begin to rank for your name.

The relationship between social media and SEO is not always very clearly defined. However, research shows that social media can have an effect on search rankings. Your business can reap SEO rewards using social media by creating a buzz on social media, leveraging social search and creating social media accounts using your company’s name.