The Pros and Cons of Offering Email Subscription on Your Blog

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It seems that most business and industry blogs allow their readers to subscribe to email updates. Is this strategy for you? Lots of marketing experts claim this is a must-have feature, but before you add it to your blog, consider these pros and cons.


There aren’t many cons to offering email subscription services on your blog but you should still consider them carefully. If these challenges apply to your business, you may be able to find ways to overcome them and use email subscriptions successfully.

Your Lack of Posts will Stand Out

If you don’t publish to your blog regularly, your lack of posts will stand out even more if people subscribe to updates. When people subscribe to your blog and don’t get any updates, your subscription service isn’t benefiting your business as much as it could be. Drawing attention to your out-of-date blog can also harm your brand and image.

Regular Posts Could Seem Like Spam

On the other hand, businesses that post to their blog several times a day will come across as annoying and spammy to their subscribers. If your blog is updated more than once a day, consider using a subscription service that allows you to control when email notifications are sent. With this feature you could choose to only notify subscribers of some posts or to send one email once a day or once a week that shares a list of all your latest posts.

Expectations are High

When you use a blog subscription service your audience will have high expectations. When people visit your blog periodically and browse your posts, or selectively click on links to your posts on your social media accounts, they are seeking out information that is interesting to them.

In contrast, when your readers follow your blog through email updates, they see the titles of all your posts. If the posts don’t interest your subscribers or aren’t high quality, you will lose readers, members of your email marketing list and maybe even customers.


In most cases, the pros of using an email subscription service on your blog outweigh the cons. The potential benefits can help you increase site traffic and grow your business.

Captivate Your Audience

New blog post notifications that land in your market’s inbox help you get and then maintain peoples’ attention. When each of your blog posts, that are full of helpful information and marketing messages, are delivered straight to your target market, you have incredible opportunities to captivate your audience.

Build an Email Marketing List

As people opt in to receive email notifications for your blog you are building an email marketing list that you can use for all kinds of other strategies and tactics. Email marketing can help you promote events, sell products and even gain social media followers. Good blog content can help you build a marketing list that will help you meet business and marketing goals.

Stay in Touch with Your Market

New blog post notifications let you stay in touch with your market. These updates not only provide helpful information for people, but also remind them about your business, encourage them to engage with your organisation and entice them to buy your products. You can think of new blog post notifications as a direct line of communication with your market that will help you grow your business.

There are lots of things to consider as you decide whether or not to offer a blog subscription service to your audience. Keep in mind the specific characteristics and needs of your business, market, and products as you decide whether or not an email subscription service is a good fit for your blog.