The Pros and Cons of Guest Blogging for Digital Marketing

Guest blogging is a widely used marketing and search engine optimisation tactic. Writing blog posts for someone else’s blog, and then adding links back to your website can help you build your brand, online reputation, traffic and search rankings. But, like any other marketing tactic, there are pros and cons to guest blogging.

Pro: Creating a Reputation

When you guest blog on a reputable site, you are helping to build your reputation as an expert in your field. Readers will associate your name with the topics you are talking about and over time, your name will become synonymous with what your business does.

Con: Risking Harmful Association

As you look for guest blogging opportunities, look for websites that are legitimate and that have a good reputation. If you align your business with a less-than reputable website, your brand will suffer. Just as you work hard to ensure you work with good employees and businesses, make sure you work with good websites.

Pro: Building Links

One of the biggest benefits of guest blogging is the chance to build links to your website. Links in blog posts on legitimate websites are more highly valued by search engines than those on illegitimate or spammy websites. Make sure you strategically decide which pages on your site to link to and what keywords to use as anchor texts for each page and guest post.

Con: Sacrifice Link Quality

Just as you can risk your reputation if you guest post on spammy or low-quality websites, you can sacrifice the quality of the links you build if the website you post on is not legitimate. Look for websites with a high page rank and that have quality content. These websites are more valued by search engines, so links from them will help your SEO efforts.

Pro: Widely Use Google Authorship

If you contribute to a high-quality website on a regular basis, contact the site owner to see if you can set up Google Authorship for your posts. This will link your content with other content you have created, can help your search rankings and will add your Google Plus profile picture to the listing when it shows up in Google search results. This can also help you build your brand and reputation as an expert.

Con: Targeting the Wrong Audience

Quality isn’t the only thing to look for when you are searching for guest posting opportunities. You should also be looking for websites and blogs that attract your target market. Look for sites that are visited by people who would be interested in your business and your brand so that your posts will help you get the attention of potential customers. When your content is interesting to the site’s readership, you’ll have a higher chance of getting referral traffic from your post, which can help you increase your sales.

To be successful at guest blogging, you need to take advantage of the pros associated with the tactic. You also need to be wary of potential cons and instead of allowing them to hurt your strategy, find ways around them.