The Power of Auto Response Emails

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While email marketing is a commonly used tactic for digital marketers, auto response email tactics are sometimes neglected. But, auto response emails are just as important as the other marketing emails you send. When used correctly, they can help you stay in touch with your market, remind people about your business and even get more sales.

Types of Auto Response Emails

There are literally dozens of ways businesses use auto responder emails. There really isn’t one type of email that works well for all businesses, and the kind you use will depend on what you do as a business. A few common types of auto response emails include:

  • Thank You for Subscribing
  • Order Confirmation
  • Reminder to Login
  • Social Media Alerts
  • Conference or Event Follow Up
  • Customer Surveys

All of these emails have one thing in common: they attempt to engage with a current customer or lead. This may be the overall goal of your auto response email marketing, but you will likely have a more defined goal beneath that. For example, you may want to increase your social media shares or your sales through the emails.

How to Use Auto Responders Successfully

Implementing an auto response email campaign is very similar to starting a regular marketing email campaign. The main difference between email marketing and auto response email marketing is that your audiences will likely be different. People you send auto response emails to have probably already had some introduction to or experience with your business.

Find What Your Audience Wants, And Then Deliver

Whether your audience wants good deals, more information or ways to engage with your business through social media, find ways to fulfill that desire through an auto response email. Try sending coupons, links to social media accounts or updates about new products. You can find clues about what your audience wants by looking at what kinds of interactions the customer has already had with your business or by doing market research.

Don’t be Overbearing

Just like with email marketing, the last thing you want to do is spam your customers. Since auto response emails are sent in response to an action, like purchasing a product or calling a customer service center, make sure your system is set up to send the right emails and only sparingly. Make sure your emails match the action taken by you customer, and make sure you don’t overwhelm your market with too many emails. This will backfire and hinder your campaign.

Make it Natural

Auto response emails need to look like the natural response to whatever action was just performed. For example, if a customer just purchased a product from you, an email thanking him and suggesting similar products would be a natural response. Or, if someone subscribes to your email list, an auto response with links to your social media accounts would be a natural response. When your emails feel natural they will be more successful. Your customers need to feel like you have their best interest in mind and that your communications are helpful to them.

If you haven’t already implemented auto response emails at your business, now is the time to do it. If your company currently uses this marketing tactic, it might be time to revisit it and make sure it is as focused and effective as it can be.