The Perfect Tweet

Composing the perfect tweet can be tricky. You only have 140 characters to be informative, send your message, inspire your audience to take action and drive traffic to a link. The whole idea behind Twitter is to have broad conversations with only short snippets of text. So how do you use such limited space to your advantage? You carefully and strategically construct your tweets.

The perfect tweet is one that adds to a conversation and resonates with your audience. It is full of useful information and a call to action. Here are a few tips for composing your own perfect tweet.

Define a Purpose

Before you even start typing, define your purpose. What is the point of your tweet? Are you sharing a link? Are you making an announcement? Are you joining a conversation about a trending topic? Knowing why you want to send your tweet will help direct you through the next steps. Also, make sure your call to action will help you fulfill that purpose.

Be Concise

It goes without saying that the perfect tweet must be concise. As you write, cut out any unnecessary words and get straight to the point. However, be careful that your tweet isn’t so concise that it loses meaning. This is the fine line Twitter forces users to walk, but it is possible to write a useful Tweet that is still concise.

Shortened Links

Bitly link shortener.

If you aren’t already using a link shortener to share links on Twitter, you need to start right away. Doing this will save lots of characters you can use for your messaging. Interestingly, studies have shown that using Bitly to shorten your links often results in more retweets.

Use Hashtags Properly

Using hashtags can help you tap into a new audience and can even help you gain followers. Use hashtags that are relevant, but don’t overuse them. There are few things more annoying than a tweet that uses hashtags for every other word.

Don’t Just Self Promote

Yes, you can use Twitter to drive traffic to your website, announce new products and market your services. But, you’ll gain more followers and look less spammy if you join other conversations and share other users’ content. You can find conversations relevant to your brand by using the search feature in Twitter and by following relevant users.

Leave Some Space

It sounds challenging, but using less than the allotted 140 characters is an excellent way to encourage retweets. If you leave some room for others to add a comment without having to edit your tweet, people will be more likely to share your content.

There are all kinds of approaches to writing tweets. There are so many ways you can use the social media channel to reach your target market. But, no matter what strategy you decide to use, these tips can help you write the perfect tweet to reach your audience, share your content and build your brand.