The New Content Marketing Trend: Content Curation

Content marketing has been rising in popularity and businesses are relying on things like blog posts, articles, videos and other pieces of content to reach their markets. Content marketing allows businesses to provide value to their market, establish themselves as experts and create a branded experience for customers. The newest trend in this arena, content curation, could help you be even more effective.

Content Curation Defined

Content curation is the process of gathering related content, organising it and then sharing it in groups that provide more value than any one of the pieces of content.

For example, an article about how to leverage Facebook for marketing purposes is a great resource, but it could be even more valuable when shared as part of a group with other articles about how to use social media for Internet marketing.

Content curation is an extension of content marketing that attempts to organise content in new ways to provide even more value to readers.

How to Curate Content

The content you use for content curation strategies can be content you create or content from others that you have organised into helpful resources. Or, it could be a combination of your content and content from others.

If you do use others’ content, site your sources and it’s wise to stay away from your competitors’ content. Instead, use content that entertains, excites or informs your market, but doesn’t distract people from becoming your customers.

Oliver Starr, a web marketing and search engine optimisation expert, says: “A great curated collection is not one that has everything, but one that has been honed to a fine edge.”

This is the key to curating content. The idea is to gather content that drills deep down into a very niche topic and provides a wide range of information and even perspectives on that one thing.

The Benefits of Content Curation

Content curation could be a great way for you to provide some amazing resources and excellent information to your market while taking less time to do it. If you decide to curate content from others’, this process could be faster than creating original content. Groups of content may also stand out, making it easier to get your market’s attention.

If you decide to pursue content curation strategies, you’ll get all the benefits of content marketing with a few new ones. Curated content has the power to add even more value for your customers and may be more likely to be shared by your audience, as it is a more comprehensive resource.

However, curated content should not replace original content that you create specifically for your market. To be successful, your business will still need to develop content that is perfectly designed to help you meet your goals.

You can get started with content curation by deciding what you want to accomplish and what kinds of content collections will help you reach your goals. Then, start creating and organising content and sharing it with your market as part of your content marketing strategy.