The Must-Know Rules for Marketing with Mobile Videos

Mobile videos have seen a rise in popularity and with smartphones and sites like YouTube, Periscope, Meerkat and Vine, specifically designed for videos, this tactic is even easier to implement.

But, if you approach mobile videos without thinking through your strategy first, you risk doing more harm than good, damaging your brand’s reputation and failing to reach your target market. Here are some must-know rules to keep in mind as you produce mobile videos or create videos to be viewed on mobile devices.

Short and Sweet is Best

People have short attention spans, especially when they are viewing content on their mobile devices. They expect to be able to view and benefit from content very quickly, so your videos need to be short and sweet.

Stick to lengths between 30 seconds and a few minutes, so people will be more likely to watch the entire piece and take in your message. By the same token, grab user attention at the very beginning of your video and keep things lively and moving quickly.

Natural, But Professional Wins

Mobile video is sometimes casual, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on professionalism. Even when you use your smartphone, make your videos professional by using good lighting, editing, sound and content. You can maintain a casual, fun or entertaining style while still creating something that looks professional.

Professional content tells your market they should take you seriously and makes people want to watch your videos. It also helps you build your online brand.

Channel Dictates Style

Before you produce a video, determine where you will use it. Will you publish it on social media? Are you planning to live broadcast it? Is the video an ad or a piece of your content marketing strategy? It’s important to determine this early on, even if you may be using the video in a few different ways.

Live broadcasts may be more casual and will require little to no editing while social media videos need to be short and entertaining. YouTube videos can often be a little longer and depending on your goals, may require more scripting and editing. When you know what you will be using the video for and where you will be publishing it, you can better decide what style to use and how you want your final video to look.

Ads and Regular Content are Different

Another element that determines what style you should use is whether your video will be an ad or regular brand content. Video ads that are viewed from smartphones need to be short and have a simple call to action. They should get peoples’ attention without feeling spammy.

On the other hand, your other videos may be a little longer and include different kinds of content. They may be less promotional and provide other kinds of value to your viewers. Knowing whether you will use your video as an online ad or regular content will help you create a more effective piece.

Keeping these rules in mind as you produce mobile videos will make them a more powerful part of your online marketing and branding strategy and will make each video more successful.