The Changing Face of SEO – Past, Present and Future

There have been so many changes to Google’s operating process over the years, that the whole Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) industry has been shaken up – and those practised in the formally dark art are no longer found. Once trusted techniques used to increase search engine rankings will now not work – in fact, they will have a negative impact on your rankings.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the wonderful world of SEO, shall we?


The ‘on-page’ factors for success used to be front-loading your content with as many keywords as humanly possible to make your content unreadable. Fast forward to present day, and things have changed somewhat. As you may know, there is still an importance for keywords in content marketing, but the key message is now (and it’s a welcome one) that professional expertise is rewarded. High-quality content will, undoubtedly, get higher rankings.


Are backlinks bad for business? The short answer is “no” they are still a ranking factor but should be carefully considered. A few years ago, Google openly encouraged generating as many backlinks as possible to your website. Links were reflective of a nod that your website was recognised as credible from a trustworthy source.

But spammers started to abuse the process of guest posts and backlink tactics to mislead search engines into thinking they were of high authority – Google got wise to this, and the process was reworked. They started to penalise links that were paid for or websites that generated an excess of backlinks over a short period. This means that any link pointing to you that looks unnatural or that is of low authority can result in a penalty for your website.

The focus has now shifted from getting as many links as possible to generating quality links of high-authority. Take a look at our Link Building services to see how we can help increase your search visibility and reputation with links from high-quality domains.

Page speed

We’ve all experienced it – we’re on a website, and it’s taking forever to load, but what if that website was yours? Nearly half of website users expect your site to load in just two seconds or less and tend to look elsewhere if it hasn’t loaded in three seconds. This is the difference between a sale for your business and a lost customer. Take every opportunity to optimise your website to load across all platforms (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, etc.) to guarantee customer retention.


We hear it all the time, and here it is again – content is king. How does Google index your website? Content. How do you manage to rank for all those search terms? Content. And finally, how do you attract customers in the first place? Content!

But, watch out for duplicate content. Every piece of content you produce should be unique and exclusive to your website. Don’t just take a few snippets of text from a competitor or even another page on your website. Search engines are smart these days and can spot it from a mile off. Don’t let this trip you up.

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What’s the next step?

We know SEO can be a difficult process to comprehend, and sometimes it can feel impossible to keep up with evolving trends. You’ll find yourself asking: “Does my website measure up to competitors?” “Are we sitting pretty on page 1?” “Or does my visibility on Google still need some work?”

Instead of pondering the impossible, why not just ask the experts? Our Google qualified experts have experience in generating the best results for clients online. Get in touch today to discuss how we can ensure your website is ranking well and bringing in the best results for your business.