The Best Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

With more than 259 million people on LinkedIn, your business should be using the site as part of your social media marketing strategy. But, LinkedIn is a little different than other social media sites, so how do you take full advantage of it?

Because LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, it does have a slightly different audience than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but it can still be just as valuable to your business. Start by setting up a business page and then use these tips to get the most out of LinkedIn.

Post Updates and Share Your Content to Generate Engagement

Like all social media networks, you’ll need to post updates and share content to start gaining a following and generating engagement. Be strategic about the content you share and be sure to post your own blog posts and site pages. Don’t be too promotional, and always provide value to your followers, but use this tool to raise awareness of your business and services.

Join, Create and Participate in Groups to Show Your Expertise

Participating in LinkedIn Groups is an easy way to let your voice be heard and showcase your expertise. If there are existing industry groups or groups that your market participates in, join them. Also consider creating your own group where you can create an online community for your market where you can interact, ask questions and establish your business as the go-to solution for your customers.

Use Polls to Build Engagement and Learn About Your Market

LinkedIn lets you create polls within groups so you can ask members about all kinds of things, both formal and informal. In general, people like to share their opinions, so this is a great way to get some engagement.

But, by asking the right questions, you can also learn a lot from the polls you conduct in your groups. You can find out more about who your market is, what interests your potential customers and even what people think about your business.

Use LinkedIn Advertisements to Promote Your Business

You can participate in LinkedIn’s advertising program to promote your business or products through ads on the site. The site lets you target people based on their location, job title, age, company size and even by their LinkedIn Groups.

If your target market includes professionals, people looking for employment or other businesses, this could be a great tool. As with all social media ads, make sure your LinkedIn ads are very targeted and include specific calls to action.

Share Your Page through Other Channels to Build a Following

As you build your page and brand on LinkedIn, be sure to promote your page through other channels so you can build a following. Of course, you should link to your page from your website and blog, but also consider more creative places to share your page. Email signatures, other social media channels, printed materials, videos and other Internet marketing tactics are all good places to promote your page.

If you aren’t taking advantage of LinkedIn, start integrating it into your social media marketing strategies with these tips. As you begin to see more engagement and create a community on the site, your LinkedIn page will become more valuable and beneficial to your business.