The 3 Most Effective Link Building Tactics

numberthreeSearch Engine Watch has released its 2016 State of Link Building Survey results, and the findings can help you become more efficient at search engine optimisation. While the days of spammy link building are gone, search engines still use links to determine rankings.

The survey garnered opinions from link building experts at agencies and businesses and those who work as consultants, business owners, content marketers and in-house public relations professionals.

Respondents were asked: “Which link building tactics do you feel are the most effective?” The top three answers can give you some direction for your own link building strategies.

1 — Content Publication/Promotion, Guest Posting, Etc.

Probably not surprisingly, content publication and promotion and guest posting were chosen as the most effective link building tactic. With this approach, you can blend your content marketing with your SEO efforts for maximum results.

Use blog posts, articles, videos with text descriptions, guest blog posts, news articles, infographics and other types of content that help you promote your brand and build links.

2 — Digital PR

Digital public relations can also bring SEO benefits if used the right way. Public relations can help you gain trust with your market, build brand awareness and persuade people to take some action. It can help you get your message across so people will do what you want them to, whether that is buy your product, attend your event or become an unofficial brand ambassador on social media.

To make digital PR work for SEO, you’ll need to use public relations content to make links relevant and valuable. Press releases are commonly used, but you can also work to get news coverage or secure quotes from your CEO or industry experts, helping you build links.

3 — Resource Pages, Links List Pages, Etc.

Resource pages or list pages, that you compile and that include links, are great content marketing and SEO tools. This is a type of content that helps you become an industry expert your market wants to turn to and helps you drive traffic and social media shares. When you publish this content somewhere besides your own site, you’ll also be building links.

Keep in mind you can also use this tactic the other way around by getting your own website or business included on others’ resource pages. To do this build relationships, reach out to other businesses, build your reputation as a thought leader and work with other organisations to promote your brands in a way that benefits both parties. Every time you are included on a list, ask the content creator to also link back to your website.

These three tactics can help you make your link building strategy more effective, as they have been proven to be successful at bringing SEO results.

You can see the rest of the link building tactics respondents thought were effective as well as more survey findings on the Search Engine Watch blog.