TED 2012 Marketing Challenge- Ads Worth Spreading

Have you ever passed on a link to a friend or colleague and accompanied it with an unimaginative ‘lol’, or a ‘hahaha’, and later thought “that wasn’t really worth the effort”? We’ve become so used to sharing mindless and meaningless rubbish online, via social media and e-mail, that it can be easy to forget that the Internet is housing some really interesting content too.

On Tuesday TED announced the winners of their marketing challenge “Ads Worth Spreading”. The non-profit organisation, which is focused on sharing ideas about technology, entertainment and design, has plowed through entries from over 300 agencies and brought together some of the most imaginative and thought-provoking marketing ads.

On their website, TED announced: “The dream behind this initiative is to find ads that communicate ideas with consumers in the same way that TED wants to communicate with its audience. An idea can reset someone’s worldview and even begin a domino effect as they pass it on to friends.”

1. Day 1: Linda (Prudential) Following the first day of retirement for Linda.

2. Your Man Reminder (Rethink Breast Cancer) Hilarious ad for an app which reminds women to check for breast cancer. At least, I think that’s what it’s about… I should watch that again. 

3. The Kinect Effect (Microsoft) The many amazing uses for the Kinect.

4. Back to the Start (Chipolte) Adorable animation about a pig farmer.

5. Defy Convention (Mazda) Masahiro Moro, an executive from Mazda, gives a heartfelt speech about a secret that the city of Hiroshima and his company share.

6. Aimee Mullins (L’Oreal Paris) Because she’s worth it.

7. The Bear (Canal+) A witty and uncoventional ad with a great tagline.

8. The Return of Ben Ali (Engagement Citoyen) Getting people fired up, with a great political message behind it: vote for democracy.

9. Start with Sharpie (Sharpie) The story of a young illustrator who uses sharpie and paper cups to create art.

10. Xylophone (NTT Docomo) A 144 ft xylophone made from sustainably harvested wood. Amazing.

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday viewing! Which was your favourite video?