Targeted Tweets: What YOU need to know

Unless your product is hyper-niche, it’s highly likely that your Twitter audience will be made up of a variety of demographics. Which leaves you in a dilemma: should you talk to everyone at the same time and risk being too general, or should you differentiate your tweets and risk sending out mixed messages. Likewise, if your Twitter audience is global, you’re probably familiar with the nightmare of tweeting for different time zones.

Twitter stepped in last week to help out advertisers with these exact problems by introducing targeted tweets. Targeted tweets are a new feature for promoted tweets, so advertisers can now send unique messages to their followers based on location, time zone, and platform. So if you want to send a money saving code to your followers in New York using iPhones at exactly 9am, now you can!

Do They Work?

SocialCode, a social media advertising agency, tested out targeting tweets to specific devices to see if targeted tweets had a higher engagement rate than non-targeted. All tweets linked to Washington Post articles, a SocialCode client. They reported that engagement on targeted tweets generally tripled, which is incredible news for advertisers. They also saw a rise in new daily followers from 17 to 47, which is an increase of 276%.

As with the old style promoted tweets, advertisers will only pay when users engage, and tweets that generate the most engagement will appear more often.

Some Awesome Uses for Targeted Tweets

Trying to direct people to your app? Target your tweets to specific devices so there are no wasted characters. This is particularly useful if the app is only available on iPhone or Android, for example.

You can now offer country specific offers, so you won’t need to pay for clicks from users outside of your target country. BA have already started using the targeted tweets option in this way.

And finally, check out these great tips for boosting engagement rates from Marketing Charts.   Their advice is to tweet at the weekend, as this is when engagement is highest.