Taking My Step Into The Big Wide World

Graduating with a BA honours degree in Media Studies at Sheffield Hallam University was probably one of the biggest achievements of my life, SO FAR!  I never looked upon my degree as un-enjoyable, but at times I found it challenging! In my first year of studies I knew that I didn’t just want a job in the media industry but I wanted a career, a career that I would love.

After Graduation I began to worry that I would never make use of my degree. I then discovered Bigfoot Digital, based in Barnsley Media Centre. As soon as I joined the Company I straight away felt like part of the team. Luckily I have been blessed to find a career which I am passionate about, as all aspects of media fascinate me, especially digital media. I particularly enjoy writing and excelled in my photography modules at University.

I have always enjoyed learning new things and I love new challenges.  Using new software that is available to the industry provides such a challenge and everything is a brand new learning curve for me, which is such an exciting prospect.

I’ve found a job that utilizes my strengths, involves my passions, and has a brilliant working environment which is so friendly and welcoming.  I think that there was an element of fate involved with me finding Bigfoot Digital. I feel privileged to be involved with such an exiting Company

Bigfoot’s clients are diverse and have different requirements. I am extremely excited to be the newest member of the Bigfoot team, and to be able to contribute to the potential development of Bigfoot digital.