Yahoo! Partners with Twitter to Bring Tweets to its Newsfeed

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Yahoo! has announced that it will work with Twitter to include tweets in the site's newsfeed section. Yahoo! has long been a source of news about world events, sports, politics, entertainment and more, and the move seems to show that Twitter is becoming more recognized as an important news source. In a Yahoo! blog post, [...]

Yahoo Axis

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It's a grand, sweeping claim, but Yahoo thinks they've "redefined what it means to surf the web"; specifically in relation to the way we search and browse. At the moment, if I want to search for something, I head to my favourite search engine and then type a few search terms into my search bar. [...]

Breaking Ground at Yahoo! Search

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Search engines have come a long way since the days of old school Google and AOL, now we're seeing search trends leaning in the direction of semantic search. Rather than looking at the keywords you're using, search engines are learning to understand what you mean when you use search terms, and what it is you're [...]

News Round Up 19th May

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Facebook is engaging users! After all the concerns that Timeline would suck the interaction out of the experience, data is slowly trickling out that suggests the opposite. Here's a list of the most engaging brands on Facebook, kindly compiled by Mashable. Not surprising, nearly all of the top 5 spots were occupied by food or [...]

New Friend Request From: The FBI

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Reports coming from across the pond suggest that the FBI may be the next person to friend you on Facebook; but you won't have any choice in accepting or declining this request. Just as we all got a little more savvy about what information we share and with whom, the FBI has decided they want [...]

Twitter Leading the Way with IPA

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How often in the last month has your RSS feed been littered with the news that company x is suing company y because of patent x? Yahoo have done it, and Facebook fought back in the same way. Oracle and Google are at each other's throats about patents. Apple and Samsung are constantly locked in [...]

News Stories you may have Missed…

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Here's some lovely weekend reading for you: Yahoo has started its downsize by cutting its workforce by 2000, these changes will be felt across the whole company, but will hit the product division hardest. These job losses are expected to save the company $375 million. For those who like to keep up to date with [...]

Saturday Weekly News Round Up

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Breaking News this week—I got another dog! He’s a terrier mutt from the rescue centre; his name is Kiko, and he is awesome. And on to the SMM and SEO news, which is probably what you expected to find here! SXSW was in full swing this week, and the internet was awash with news, product [...]

The Yahoo Vs. Facebook Hubbub

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Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock for this past week, you must have seen something about the Yahoo/ Facebook debacle. Just to bring you up to speed, Yahoo is suing Facebook over alleged patent infringement. The short of it is: Yahoo patented social networking. Yes. You read that correctly, as ridiculous as it [...]