Common SEO Myths: Busted!

August 11th, 2014|SEO|

Search engine optimisation has all kinds of myths associated with it. Some believe it’s the best way to promote your business online while others don’t think it offers any value. While best practices, tactics, approaches and algorithms are always changing, SEO isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. When you know the truth behind some of the [...]

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New Google Publisher Plugin Make WordPress More Google Friendly

January 16th, 2014|Online Marketing|

Image source. If you use WordPress, this is great news: Google has launched a plugin, called Google Publisher Plugin, that makes it easier to integrate Google products into your website. As of now, the plugin is in beta and only supports a few Google products, but it’s probably safe to say that it [...]

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Harnessing the Power of Pinterest for SEO Purposes

February 1st, 2013|Social Media Marketing|

The Pinterest craze made the visually appealing site one of the fastest growing social media sites ever. In just two years, Pinterest gained 10.4 million users. All kinds of brands use Pinterest to share visual posts that send a message and draw users to their site. Pinterest is an excellent tool for raising awareness and [...]

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Invisible ROI

July 6th, 2012|Social Media Marketing|

One of the reasons many small businesses are hesitant to invest time and money into social media marketing is due to the difficulty in measuring ROI. Just like SEO, building a social media presence takes time and patience; the results won't be immediately visible. This infographic, produced by Pagemodo, outlines how marketers perceive ROI from social [...]

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What does it mean to be future-oriented today?

July 2nd, 2012|Online Marketing|

The digital world is moving forward in leaps and bounds. This can be daunting for SMEs just trying to keep up with the crowd, never mind getting ahead of the curve. You’re running a business here, and the digital world is repeatedly pulling the rug out from under you! What’s hot and what’s not in [...]

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A likeable Twitter bot?

June 27th, 2012|In the News|

One news story in particular caught my eye this week. Robert McMillan wrote an article for Wired about a man who created a Twitter bot that people actually like. Back in 2008 Greg Marra created @trackgirl as an experiment to see if she could infiltrate a network of real people; in particular, runners. The Twitter [...]

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Facebook and Zynga Join Forces to Take the Web

June 25th, 2012|In the News|

If you had to guess, which company do you think knows more about you - Facebook or Google? Sure, Google has all of your search data and preferences - but Facebook has all of your social data such as your likes, interactions, check-ins and daily updates. When we're talking about revenue from targeted ads, this [...]

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A Guide to Blogging for SEOs

June 24th, 2012|Online Marketing|

With the penguin update firmly in place, now more than ever, website owners are looking to content creation to supercharge their keywords and boost their link building schemes. If you're able to write content worth linking to, then you're well on your way to gaining free links via social media and other reputable sites. A [...]

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Top Articles of the Week

June 23rd, 2012|In the News|

I'm trying a new format today, rather than focus solely on news I'm going to mix things up and a bit and share with you some of the best how-to articles I've found on the web in the past week, along with some key trends to watch out for. Starting with this article, which guides [...]

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A guide to Infographics

June 22nd, 2012|Social Media Marketing|

The most beautiful thing about Social Media Marketing is the unpredictably of the medium, and the opportunity available to those willing to put in that little bit of extra effort. Recently, Smart Car USA made tech news headlines with this witty retort to an off-hand tweet that was neither directed at them, or intended to be brand damaging. Clayton [...]

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